Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fishing At The Pond

I grew up on seven acres and as a kid I would go fishing at our pond. I have wonderful memories of fishing for catfish with my dad, friends or just by myself. It was always nice to be able to step into my backyard and go fishing.

The fishing I do now in my backyard is very different and an incredible blessing. The memories from these fishing expeditions are incredible and this past Saturday was no exception.

It was the first time I went fishing with Jason and Jeremy and they are fantastic. It was a full day of events. I was bit by a chihuahua who thankfully could only reach my ankle; we met a group of jehovah witnesses playing basketball and ran into two guys who thought I was going to steal their car. In the middle of that excitement, we saw eyes tear up and individuals listening intently as the Law & Gospel was presented.

Ramon (above) didn't know what would happened if he died. He thought he would have to go to hell because of his past and his face grew happy as we explained to him what Jesus did for him. Ramon listened intently as we explained to him what it meant to repent of his sins and place his trust in Jesus Christ.

You can see Downtown Tulsa (above) in the background as Jason talks to a man that doesn't follow Jesus because he lost his family.

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pastorbrianculver said...

good job! I work at a college and witnessed to a 20 yr old girl today. She said she was a Methodist. I asked her if she went to one of the churches in town. She hadn't been to church for a few years. I was then able to present God's Law, repentance and the wonderful grace of God in the Way of the Master technique! It is always an awesome feeling when you get out and reach out to people for Christ! Keep up the good work.