Monday, June 13, 2011

New Website Launched: "Cops For Christ"

We have recently launched our newest website, Cops For Christ. It features our videos that are mainly evangelistic in nature.

Why would we launch this site?

Several years ago I was surprised to find the domain, Cops For Christ, available for purchase. It is a common name that many are familiar with so I bought the name for about $8. I kept it for sometime and not sure what to do with it until I decided to point it to a ministry called Ten-Four Ministries, directed by Tony Miano.

I was eventually asked to take over that ministry and when I did, I noticed a lot of website hits from the name, "Cops For Christ." That little $8 investment seemed to be taking a lot of folks to the ministry and thinking some of them weren't saved, I decided to develop a new site with evangelism in mind.

We pray that Cops For Christ will help send the message of the Gospel & God will use it to save souls.