Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Courageous: Movie Trailer

Total Depravity

Here is the latest sermon provided to us from our partner, Pastor Shane Kastler. I believe that the Doctrine of Total Depravity is one of the most ignored in all of scripture and it is a Doctrine that if we get wrong, we are in danger of getting many other things wrong.

"Heart of a Warrior" Mission Philippines 2011

On day 1 of our Mission Trip to the Philippine National Police Department, I asked Florence (AL) First Baptist Pastor Phillip Skipworth to deliver a message to the officers we were going to train and witness to that week that would "set the tone". As you will see in the below video, my friend accomplished just that.

Heart Of A Warrior: Mission Philippines 2011 from Ten-Four Ministries on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"The Gospel" Mission Philippines 2011

This message was preached on Day 4 of a Mission Trip to 93 members of the Philippine National Police Department. For additional information you can visit our Missions Outreach Site.

"I Believe"

Mission Philippines 2011: Open Air Sermon

We just returned from a trip to the Philippines where we trained and preached to approximately 100 members of the Philippine National Police Department. This included 5 days of training & preaching along with two church services on Sunday where other officers were present. We are busy editing and compiling thousands of photos and many videos and we will introduce those to you shortly. The below message was not a planned event. I climbed on a water tower at our training facility (Special Action Force) to film a short segment for our videographer when I observed several SWAT Cadets that were not in our class and thus would not hear the Gospel without a message at that moment.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Go Stand Speak

Last year we had the privilege to interview Pat Necerato with Go Stand Speak Ministries. We enjoy that ministry and believe it is very important. We encourage the proclamation of the Biblical Gospel in the Open Air. It is biblical and a part of historical Christianity. Just today, I was advised of several individuals at a local skate park so I went to the public park and preached the Gospel to what turned out to be teenagers. We had a wonderful discussion and it was a great time. While the decision to preach (anywhere) should never be taken lightly, there is a huge opportunity in almost every community to take the Gospel to the lost. We are looking forward to the new project by Go Stand Speak Ministries. Here it is:

You can order this new DVD here.

Kingdom Advancement Conference

We had the honor to speak at Highland Park Baptist Church this evening at the Kingdom Advancement Conference (Muscle Shoals, AL). There were many members and missionaries present.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Evangelism & Law Enforcement

On last week's episode of Centurion Radio, I interviewed Officer Jason Bahm. If you think that God will not present evangelism opportunities on your job, then listen to this amazing story.

If you cannot see the player, you can go here to listen.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Mission Philippines

Our Ministry is preparing to lead ten police officers from across the country, a pastor and a media specialist to the Philippines on a Mission trip. We will be training 100+ officers from the Philippine National Police Department (PNP) as well as witnessing and sharing Christ with the officers.

We welcome each of your prayers as we make preparations and we want to give you an opportunity to help financially. We are selling the below t-shirts for $25 with free shipping. These are the same shirts that we will be wearing as we interact with members of the PNP.