Friday, March 11, 2011

Go Stand Speak

Last year we had the privilege to interview Pat Necerato with Go Stand Speak Ministries. We enjoy that ministry and believe it is very important. We encourage the proclamation of the Biblical Gospel in the Open Air. It is biblical and a part of historical Christianity. Just today, I was advised of several individuals at a local skate park so I went to the public park and preached the Gospel to what turned out to be teenagers. We had a wonderful discussion and it was a great time. While the decision to preach (anywhere) should never be taken lightly, there is a huge opportunity in almost every community to take the Gospel to the lost. We are looking forward to the new project by Go Stand Speak Ministries. Here it is:

You can order this new DVD here.


Frank Rollberg said...

AMEN Brother!!!

Frank Rollberg said...

Bro. Travis you'll have to come down to Muscle Shoals again to go to 1st. Fridays with our team to open air preach and one to one witnessing. It is held on the first Friday of every month.

God Bless Brother,

No King but Christ,

Frank Rollberg