Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Tract - Survival Gear

We have received amazing feedback through the years on the book, Take Up The Shield. The Take Up The Shield Project was launched a few years ago and it continues today as thousands of law enforcement professionals have been given Take Up The Shield through the generosity of so many.

We know that there are many that would like to give this book to the first responders in their area or department and simply can't afford it. That is why we have stepped out in faith and are offering the book for free through our new tract.

The tract is available today and can be ordered through our store.

We know that there is significant potential through this tract that our financial resources may be challenged. We also believe that the message of The Gospel found in this book is one that needs to be read and we want to do all we can to empower you to give this book out to your co-workers or those first responders you may meet. We are prayerful that our needs will be met and excited about this new tract.

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