Sunday, April 05, 2009

New York, New York

I had the honor of being invited to Goshen, New York last week to speak at the Orange County STOP-DWI Conference. I am often invited to various law enforcement conferences to speak on the subject of Police Pursuits. It is a hot topic issue in law enforcement and I have been training and writing on the issue for some time. Travelling and speaking in front of crowds isn't my favorite activity but what an awesome opportunity to introduce the audience (mostly law enforcement) to Jesus Christ. I usually get an opportunity to do that through a discussion with the activities of Ten-Four Ministries and in my first session last Thursday, almost 100 people took the SURVIVAL GEAR Tract, that gives them a free copy of Take Up The Shield.

Once the two training sessions were complete, I had the privilege of travelling to Calvary Chapel of Orange County to speak at a law enforcement fellowship group. The group, organized by New York State Police Investigator Tom Brozycki, was a blessing to be a part of. As I told Tom, "This is where the rubber meets the road." There are a lot of law enforcement fellowship groups out there and I commend every one of them. Men, getting together, on a regular basis and encouraging each other in the faith is very important. While I believe in our Centurion Fellowship Ministry and I encourage each of you to participate, there is something special about what Tom and many others are doing. I anticipate that Ten-Four Ministries will be actively involved in helping the organization of these in-person fellowship groups in the future. I will discuss those plans at a later date.

I would like to thank all of the men that permitted me to spend time with them and specifically Tom and his pastor, Owen Ridgely, for their hospitality and invitation.

The next morning was interesting. When the Orange County conference officials asked me what I had planned prior to leaving on Friday, I told them I may try to visit Orange County Choppers. I was surprised to find out that the shop was just a few minutes from my hotel and even more surprised to find out that the conference officials had arranged for a private tour of the facility for me.

I showed up at 9 a.m. on Friday and met with the head of security, a local officer. He took me past the front tourist area and into the shop. As soon as I walked back there, I noticed several cameras and the owner and lead tv personality (Paul Sr.) of the show walked up to us.

Paul Sr. was gracious with his time and I had the opportunity to give him a Ten-Four Minsitries Challenge Coin. Paul left but then quickly came back to thank me for the coin again (I assumed he had looked at it). I encouraged him to read the tract located in the container and he told me he would.

I spent the next hour walking around the shop and visiting the show room, which is where I located the bike above.

It was an incredible blessing to spend a few days around fellow law enforcement officers from another area and to meet fellow christians. I believe this will not be the last trip to the area and I sincerely thank everyone involved that helped bring me there.

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