Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bible Truth Publications

Some say there is nothing that is free and Christians know otherwise. I recently met a man that has an incredible gift. A vivid expositor of scriptures along with an incredible ability to write. Pastor Doug Renne' has taken his God gifted talent and produced several publications. He spent massive resources to enable him to offer these books free of charge. He even offers them in bulk to pastors.

I was taken back when Doug shared one of his books with me and he told me they were just sitting in his basement because his website no longer worked. Well, that is taken care of and Doug's site is back up offering his publications free of charge as a download and at a small fee if you want them printed.

You can see Doug's books at

I love guys like Doug and there are thousands of them around us. Faithful men and women of Christ taking there talents and using them in a humble fashion (sometimes just items sitting in a basement) to further the Gospel.

Let me encourage you to visit Doug's site, send him a note of encouragement and if you are able, help him financially with what he has done. Ten-Four Ministries hopes to ensure that these wonderful writings never go out of print.

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