Friday, July 16, 2010

I-Phone App

We are excited to announce our newest outreach tool. Thanks to the work of Ron over at, we now have a free App designed for the Apple I-Phone. Our intention of this App is to help others evangelize their co-workers. If you know of someone with an I-Phone, encourage them to download the ministry app. The easiest way to do it is to go into the App Store from the phone and type "ten-four ministries" in the search field.

Once downloaded, the first page will take them to a page called "ready" where we discuss with them if they are ready for eternity along with a video that presents the Gospel. Additional links will lead them to our news page, video page, sermon page and a host of other information about the ministry.

I can't thank Ron enough for helping us with this project. If you or your agency is interested in an App, please contact Ron. He is great to work with. Before you ask, we have nothing against Blackberry. We'd love to have an application with them. As of yet, we have not been able to find an economical way to make that happen but we will continue to look.

For now, look around and find those first responders, friends and family with an I-Phone and ask them to download our App and then ask them what they think about eternity.

You can hear Ron talk about the development of the Ten-Four Ministries App and his other projects this Friday at Noon, CST. He will be our guest on Centurion Radio.

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