Monday, August 16, 2010

Centurion Radio #6: Detective "MC" Williams

If you follow this ministry, then you probably know that several weeks ago we started Centurion Radio. A weekly show that highlights current events within law enforcement as well as a weekly evangelistic message. The first month was incredible with guests such as Tony Miano, Ron Shelnutt, Jim Donahue, Betsy Brantner Smith and Dave Smith (aka "Buck Savage")

With the incredible first few weeks we have had, I believe that Centurion Radio #6, featuring Detective Mike "MC" Williams was amazing. Are there co-workers or family that you know aren't saved? This is the episode to send them to. Detective Williams continually exhalted Jesus Christ which included a wonderful Gospel Presentation and a message out of Romans 13:1-7. Let me encourage you to listen to the episode below and keep up with MC at his ministry.

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