Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ten-Four Ministries & Wagoner County S.O.

The Armor of God Project has been an amazing outreach for Ten-Four Ministries. While the Gospel of Jesus Christ is always sent with the bullet proof vests that are sent out to the officers in need, once in a while we get the honor of personally hand delivering the vests and preaching the Gospel directly to those receiving the vests.

The last opportunity we had to do this was in May 2010.

Earlier this evening I travelled about 45 minutes to Wagoner County, Oklahoma along with Tulsa County Deputy Sean Scott and Tulsa County Detention Officer Casey Mcelhanon. Several of the deputies and a few officers from surrounding agencies had requested vests.

In the below video, Sean and Casey hand out the vests.

While the blessing we get from handing out this life saving piece of equipment goes beyond words, the honor of presenting the Lord Jesus Christ to these heroes in uniform is amazing. I would like to thank Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert for graciously letting us visit his agency and not only bring equipment that can save his deputies but a message that will transform their lives both here and into eternity. That message is below.

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