Monday, July 18, 2011

Below 100: Train The Trainer

I had the privilege to teach alongside Dale Stockton, Law Officer Magazine and Brian Willis, 2011 Trainer of the Year, last week in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was the first Below 100: Train the Trainer Course and 103 trainers signed a pledge to incorporate this important training in their classes.

The training is designed to empower trainers to push the line of duty deaths in law enforcement to under 100 each year.

How does this meet up with Ten-Four Ministries? One of the tenants of the training is "Wear Your Vest" and Dale Stockton always speaks about our vest outreach during the class. This enables me to speak with many about the ministry. During this class, I was able to introduce the 100+ in attendance to two representatives from the Peace Officer For Christ International East Coast, located in Charlotte.

It was a great day and I look forward to participating well into the future. We took our videographer to film for an upcoming ministry documentary and while he was there he got some testimonials from those that attended. You can see those below.

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