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Convert: From Adam to Christ

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Jeremy Strang said...

Convert: From Adam to Christ ~ Emilio Ramos

Recently I began reading the new book from Emilio Ramos entitled, Convert: From Adam to Christ. Within the first two paragraphs Emilio hit the problem of our society, and the professing church at large, directly on the mark when he says, “In America and other cultures, self reigns supreme.”(pg. 18) Emilio’s book is quite timely delivering a much-needed dose of theological truth, especially in our carnal-driven, Bible-ignorant, Christless professing christianity of North America.

Emilio presents the message in such a way that even those who have never tasted the meat of God’s Word can understand the deep truths and concepts contained within. Convert: From Adam to Christ, begins by hitting mankind where it hurts the worst – straight in our depravity and corrupted state before Almighty God. Only after showing us our wayward (essentially wretched) state, Emilio moves on to show us the transition and reality of being in Christ. I especially appreciate his explanation into Progressive and Definitive sanctification.

“I have had many encounters over the years where people have insisted that believers should be more sanctified than they truly are. How many times have we heard an unbeliever point to the hypocrisy of the Christian church as evidence of our religion being false? Though hypocrisy of any kind should never be tolerated, we should also uphold the tension in Scripture regarding the already not yet reality of our sanctification.”(pg. 44 underline mine)

Although I have yet to finish my first reading of this book, I am already finding the need to walk through it a second time with much diligence and on my face before the throne of God. Thus far I find, Convert: From Adam to Christ, a necessary resource for the Christian today who desires to understand conversion. I especially believe it necessary for the pastor of this generation who believes he is preaching the truth and for the street preacher who has a lot of zeal and yet limited biblical knowledge.

“The work of evangelism is all about gathering into one new man all the conceivable types of people. Going from Adam to Christ means that we have been placed into God’s new man, a re-creation of an Adam of sorts. If God means to have an Adam free from sin, so that he may worship and commune with Him with an unsinning heart, then it will come to pass by His free and sovereign grace.”(pg. 57)

It is true, “God’s people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge,”(Hosea 4:6) and yet we all must take care so as to not let knowledge take away the “simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.“(2 Corinthians 11:3) Let us take heed, let us not be carried away a fool, and let us not rely one ounce upon our theological genus of mind; God forbid we become the church at Ephesis having “left our first love.” (Rev. 2:1-8) I believe, Convert: From Adam to Christ, has hit a balance that we must return to if our Christian witness is going to be authentic.

Jeremy B. Strang
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