Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Behind the Scenes of Way of the Master Radio (03-12-07)

Marissa (my 17-year-old daughter) and I, once again, spent the afternoon at the Valencia Town Center. We had are line in the water, but the fish just weren't biting. But, as He always does, the Lord provided someone to talk to Ray and Todd on-air.

Due to an important on-air phone conversation with a self-admitted homosexual, Ray and Todd had time for only one "street fishing" segment.

Today's "street fishing" segment guest was Kristy. Kristy works at the Hollywood Video kiosk in the Valencia Town Center. I met Kristy a couple of months ago while "street fishing." She was willing, at the time, to go on-air; but her job duties kept her from participating. I thank God that I saw her again today. I was so thankful to find someone to put on the phone, I promised Kristy a $5 In-n-Out Burger gift card as a "thank you" for participating.

Kristy is married and is five months pregnant with her first child. She learned just a few days ago that she is expecting a baby boy. She told me that she believes people go to heaven. She also said she believes in Jesus. She honestly added that she is not sure why she believes the way she does.

I encourage you to listen to Ray's conversation with Kristy. Although the conversation never became adversarial, listen closely and hear how Kristy's tone of voice changes when Ray gently confronts her with the Law and the Word of God. Ray quickly and seamlessly overcomes her objection regarding the reliability of the Scriptures.

By the end of the conversation, Kristy still believed she would go to heaven. As I always do, I asked Kristy how the phone conversation went. She thought it went very well. She said that she appreciated the conversation because she has no friends or family members with whom she can discuss spiritual matters.

I spent some time, in between customers visiting Kristy's kiosk, further explaining the Law and the Gospel, and reiterating the courtroom analogy Ray shared with her. I gave her a copy of Ray's book, How To Live Forever Without Being Religious. I pointed out that the book contained the Gospel of John and encouraged her to read it. She said she would.

I told Kristy that I would be praying for her and her baby (and I encourage you to do the same). As promised, I gave her the In-n-Out Burgers gift card. I also bought a few DVD's, hoping she would see care for her in the gesture.

Since Kristy works at one of my regular fishing ponds, I told her I would stop by and say "hello" from time to time. I will share any significant updates regarding Kristy's spiritual condition.

It was another good day of fishing.

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