Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Behind the Scenes of Way of the Master Radio (06-19-07)

Those of you who follow this blog and Way of the Master Radio will remember that last week's "street fishing" on Hollywood Boulevard did not go quite as planned. So, Marissa and I, determined to have a good show from Hollywood Boulevard, returned there today. And it was a good show. We also enjoyed an added blessing. Ray Comfort and The Way of the Master team were filming interviews for the third season of The Way of the Master television show.

Hollywood Boulevard was packed with people, from all over the world. Our guest for the first hour of the show was a 15-year-old girl from San Antonio named Jennifer. Jennifer said she really didn't have any spiritual beliefs (which would prove to be a trend for today's show) and she believed she was a good person.

Todd Friel took Jennifer through the "Good Person Test." One of the things our listening audience does not get to experience is the expression on people's faces, as the Law does its work. Well, here's a picture of the Law, rightly applied, doing its work. The look you see on Jennifer's face is one of concern.

Once Jennifer was off the phone, I spent about five minutes talking to her. She still wasn't quite clear about what she must do to be saved. She was still relying on things like prayer and going to church. I used a new analogy with Jennifer (at least it was new to me). Click here to listen to my conversation with Jennifer. Did the analogy work?

Krystina was our guest for the second hour of the show. Krystina (18) was visiting from Chicago. She was with her cousins, Chris and Kim, husband and wife (and both are active-duty marines), stationed in San Diego. When I approached the three and asked if either of them wanted to be on the show, Chris and Kim quickly backed away. They said that they talk like marines and wouldn't want to cuss on the radio. I told them that as marines they were trained to exercise self-control and that they probably could control their demeanor for a five-minute phone conversation. But, they pulled rank and told Krystina to do the interview.

Like Jennifer before her, Krystina had no particular belief system, although her family tree was a mixture of Buddhism and Catholicism. And, like Jennifer, I could see Krystina's face turn from a curious smile to a look of concern as Todd took her through the "Good Person Test."

Once Krystina was off the phone, I used my follow-up conversation with her as an opportunity to present the Law and the Gospel to Chris and Kim. When I asked Chris and Kim if they were concerned about spending eternity in hell, as the just punishment for breaking God's Law, Kim said that she wasn't. Click here to listen to my conversation with Krystina, Chris, and Kim, and how I used the Virginia Tech Massacre to show Kim that she really did care about where she would spend eternity.

It was another great day of fishing--an afternoon of serving the King. To Him be all the honor and glory! Please pray for Jennifer, Krystina, Chris, and Kim.

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