Saturday, February 07, 2009

Omaha, Nebraska - Part 2

I went to Omaha, Nebraska last January and I told myself at the time that Nebraska was not a good state to come to in the Winter. I didn’t plan on going back but as God would have it, I spent the last 24 hours there.

I was invited by the Omaha Police Department to teach a class to their driving instructors. I’ve been involved in this training for close to 13 years and in the last few years I have accepted several speaking engagements in reference to the training. It is a blessing to get to meet officers from across the country and today someone showed up to the class from 100 miles away that simply saw it on a website.

I am really the most unlikely person to speak in front of the men and women in blue and I never would of thought I would have the opportunities that I have to do that. In the last few years I have met officers from more places than I can mention here.

Lately, I never speak to a group without mentioning Jesus Christ. Today was no exception and to some it may seem odd to mention Jesus at a police department and present those attending with the Gospel. We constantly hear about the separation of church and state and to put it simple, as long as I am invited to speak, I will speak about my Savior. To this day, I continue to be invited to speak even though many of those inviting me know that at the end of the presentation on law enforcement training I will mention Jesus. I did the same thing in front of the New York State Police last year and this April I have been invited back to that State.

Sometimes our fears to speak out are just that, fears. I simply push through the fear and do it anyway. Today was special. The 28 instructors listened intently to my presentation and when they saw me break out the 10-4 Ministry Challenge Coins they all wanted one and some gave me coins of their own. I made sure to tell them that the message inside the coin insert was literally about life and death.

I am writing this while I sit in the Omaha Airport and I am overcome with joy that God has permitted me to do what I do. He has opened doors that can only be done by Him and I am continually amazed at the opportunities I am presented.

Will I go back to Omaha if I am asked? Absolutely, even if its winter.

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