Friday, May 08, 2009

"I'll See Him In Hell"

This is a must listen testimony of Muscle Shoals Police Lieutenant Clint Reck. Listen to Clint as he describes how his supervisor was integral in sharing The Gospel with him and how that eventually brought him to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Listen as Clint tells of a violent encounter with a suspect and what the suspect told his co-worker and how that affected Clint in a profound way.

Muscle Shoals Police Lieutenant Clint Reck is the co-founder of the Armor of God Project.

If you cannot see the audio player, you can download the audio here.

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Anonymous said...

Very moving testimony - beautiful! It's been on my heart to pray for my family to be like the family of Cornelius (the Centurion) where all believed, were baptized, and saved and now here I've come across 'The Centurion Papers'. How awesome God is! May He bless and protect all the officers out there who work that there may be justice in the city gates!