Friday, May 29, 2009

The Narrow Way: Highly Recommended

I found this book and was blown away by it's truths and clear message. This book serves as not only a great resource for the unbeliever but for the Christian as well. There are few books that I will wholeheartedly endorse and this is currently at the top of my list.

You likely will not find this in your local bookstore but through a great friend i was unable to get some direct from the publisher. You will not regret getting this book.

Is there a heaven? If so, what is like? And is hell real? Are there actually many people going to hell after they die? And is what Jesus Christ taught about these topics more or less what is taught in most churches today, or have we strayed from that? The author's conviction is that many who profess to be Christians are sadly quite deceived about where they are headed after death, and he desires to prevent his readers from being one of them. If Christ is the only way to know, it is vital that we know how to seek Him on His terms, not those of our own imagination.

You can order The Narrow Way in the Ten-Four Ministries Store.

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