Saturday, August 08, 2009

Take Up The Shield - Special Discount

We are celebrating the fourth printing of this special book with a discount for a limited time. If you order 10 books, you will receive a 40% discount, plus free shipping (click free shipping at check out). This special must be ordered in quantities of 10. Included in this new version of the book are special inserts discussing the various ministries of Ten-Four Ministries plus a Bookmark. Click Here to order now.

Written by a street cop, this unique publication compares the various pieces of law enforcement equipment to the spiritual armor that the Bible describes in Ephesians chapter 6. Real-life law enforcement stories drive home the importance of each piece of equipment. Although much has been written about this well-known passage of Scripture, little has been written from the perspective of a Christian who wears and uses the physical armor of the police officer every day, fighting both the physical battle against crime in our society and the spiritual battle against evil that all individuals are called to fight.

You don't have to be a cop or a Christian to be encouraged and challenged by this book. In addition to building your faith, this book will serve as a helpful introduction to the men and women who protect you and your community.

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