Friday, October 02, 2009

Code 4 Ministries

Meet Officer Brian Cain (below video). I first met Brian over a year ago when he called me and said that he felt God was calling him into a law enforcement ministry in Georgia. I told him to go for it and in a few weeks, Brian had formed Code 4 Ministries.
The below video is just one of several online devotionals he is making for Law Enforcement. He also leads a small group fellowship in his hometown and is active in his home church.

I am proud of Brian and his ministry and honored at the very small contribution Ten-Four Ministries was able to make to help and encourage the development of this ministry to law enforcement.

This devotional discusses a topic that I responded to this week with a Philadelphia Officer that asked the following question for a fellow co-worker:

1) If God is Sovereign and knows all, then why should I wear a ballistic vest to protect me? God has already determined what will happen.

This really is the classic God's Sovereignty vs. Free Will dilemma that so many still debate and I doubt that my short answer here will answer every question out there.

The Bible speaks often of God's Sovereignty yet it calls on people to take action. Just as in Ezekial 22:30, as Brian points out, God was searching for a man capable of helping Israel but no one was able or willing to lead that nation to a repentance back to God, thus God "consumed them with the fire of my wrath" (verse 31) in 586 B.C.

To not take action to be safe, to wear a vest that is given to you for that purpose is a clear violation of an unwilingness to take action.

God did and does permit horrible things to happen such as racism, slavery and officer deaths but He does call on people to take action such as speaking up for the poor and needy (Proverbs 31:8-9).

For the same people that would say don't wear a vest, God is Sovereign, would they turn a blind eye to a child in the middle of the street about to be run over or a husband beating on his wife? God is indeed permitting that to happen but He has also placed us as law enforcement professionals there to take action. Just as He permitted the invention of Kevlar and saw to it you as an officer was given a vest.

Wear your vest, be safe and glorify God.

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