Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Sovereignty of God and the Present Day

The first chapter in A.W. Pink’s book “The Sovereignty of God” is called The Sovereignty of God an the Present Day. This chapter takes a hard look at the way we view the world in the present. It addresses the problem with viewing the world as “How does God fit in this world?” It starts with a troubling question, “Who is regulating the affairs on this earth today-God, or the devil?” Strangely enough, this is a question that Police Officers ask all the time.

It goes on to address the shrinking population of those who call themselves Christians. In a very stunning statement, as the book was originally written in 1928, it says “Worse still, He (the Christ of Scripture) is proclaimed and magnified by very few.” Even in the Roaring 20’s, God was being eroded by society. This chapter goes on to answer the question of who is running this earth. It’s convicting to read these words that were written by a man 57 years ago and see that it applied to this very day. ”It all depends on whether you’re walking by faith, or walking by sight.” That’a amazing! Pink is telling us that it depends on our point of view! It is the famous glass question; half full or half empty. For those that are walking by sight, Pink tells us very wisely “From every pulpit in the land it needs to be thundered forth that God still lives, that God still observes, and God still reigns!” This is a jagged pill to swallow for the Law Enforcement community. We like to think that we are in control. It’s blatantly obvious that we are not.

What we need is a change of perspective! ”Instead of beginning with man and his world and working back to God, we must begin with God and work back down to man – ‘In the beginning, God!’” If we start with man in this present world and try to connect everything with God, the pieces do not fit! But if we start with God and connect with man, we can see that God’s judgement is being poured out on man. That is a sobering thought. I’ve heard people ask “Why would God allow that to happen?” Who knows, it may be the lack of people standing in the gap (Ezekiel 22:30). As cops, we are called to stand in the gap to defend our city. How are we doing?

As far as man’s ability to judge God’s motives: “he is not competent to form a proper estimate of God’s character and ways, and it is because of this that God has given a revelation of his mind, and in that revelation he plainly declares, ‘My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the Earth, so are My ways higher than yours, and My thoughts than your thoughts.’ (Isa 55:8-9)” We are not called to judge God’s motives. Be careful of your intentions of doing so. It’s easy to fall in that trap as Police Officers. We forget that there is a judicial process that must take place in spiritual matters as well as criminal matters. For those judged guilty, there will be a punishment.

I look forward to diving into this book and seeing what it teaches me and how it applies to the Law Enforcement community.

Published with permission by Brian Cain with Code-4 Ministries.

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