Friday, January 01, 2010

Armor of God Project 2010

It didn't take long for the first free ballistic vest to be sent out in 2010. On January 1, 2010, the first vest of the year was sent out to an officer in the State of Kentucky.

Here is an e-mail received on the same day from another officer asking for a vest: "I appreciate the consideration given and believes this is an awesome program that will bring relief in many. Giving them a little more confidence in their ability to do their job."

2010 looks to be an exciting time for this important project. If the Lord provides, we will in the next few months surpass over 1000 vests given out and we will soon be launching a new website dedicated solely to the Armor of God Project.

As we enter 2010, We would like to ask you for help. No, we aren't asking for money. This is God's Project and if He wants it to continue, He will provide for it. What we do want is for you to tell others about us. We have vests ready to go, we just need to make sure that law enforcement in your area is aware of our efforts. After being involved in this daily since April 2009, I can tell you that wherever you are reading this, there are officers working right now in and around your community without a ballistic vest to protect them. Please help us, help them.

Last week we received a shipment of over 500 pounds of vests from the State of New York. Thanks to Rochester Sergeant and AOG Team Member Roy Adams, we have a nice supply of vests as we enter 2010.

We also just received some brand new tactical vests, typically worn by SWAT Members. It was no surprise that in the same week the vests arrived we received a specific request for a tactical vest. Since the project was launched, our vest donations and monetary donations have just kept up with vest requests. The saying at our distribution center each time a vest is sent to us is: "I wonder who God will send to us for this vest."

The ballistic vest is just one item the receiving officer gets. The book above, 100% Guaranteed, presents the Gospel in a clear and biblical way. That book aong with other resources are given to the officer in addition to the vest. This Project may involve bullet-proof vests, but it is about The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is what our warehouse looks like on the first day of 2010. Please help us empty it out. May every officer that needs a ballistic vest be given one in 2010.

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