Friday, January 01, 2010

New Tract: In Times Of Crisis

As we begin 2010, we have added a new Gospel Tract in our store.

These Tracts are excellent for first responders. They are sold in sets of 50.

"You may or may not know the person who handed you this tract. In either case, please know that the person cares for you and that there are people praying for you now and in the coming days. What you’ve just experienced or what you are presently experiencing is often referred to as a “critical incident.”

Critical incidents include, but are not limited to: traffic accidents, medical emergencies, natural disasters, the loss of a friend or loved one, or being the victim of or witness to a crime. Regardless of the circumstances, critical incident or post traumatic stress can be very difficult for anyone to handle.

Common symptoms of post traumatic stress include: •Waves of emotions •Difficulty sleeping or eating •Nightmares •Reoccurring thoughts of images, sounds, and even smells from the critical incident. These symptoms can last for just a few days or several weeks, and usually decrease over time. It is important you understand that experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, does not mean you are crazy. Experiencing such things after a traumatic incident is normal. If symptoms occur for more than a few weeks, consult your physician. Here are several things you can do to help minimize and overcome post traumatic stress. •Get plenty of rest. •Engage in regular, moderate exercise in keeping with your present physical condition and/or limitations. •Eat regular, healthy meals and drink plenty of water. •Don’t try to numb the pain with alcohol or drugs. •Talk about the details of the incident with people you trust. •Don’t spend too much time alone. It’s good to be around people who care about you, during difficult times. It is also not uncommon for people who have experienced a traumatic incident (whether victim, witness, or first responder) to contemplate their own mortality, to think about life after death. Again, you are not crazy if you think this way.

It’s normal to think about the ultimate statistic, which is this. 10 out of 10 people die. And it’s normal to ask yourself the ultimate question: “What happens to a person when they die.” Most people think that they are good people. In fact most people, even those who are not sure if God exists, believe that God will see their goodness and let them into heaven when they die. There is a simple test you can take to see if you are good enough to go to heaven. Here it is. Please answer the following questions honestly. Have you ever lied? Have you ever stolen? Have you ever taken God’s name in vain? Have you ever murdered in your heart by hating another person or by being angry without cause? Then, according to God’s perfect and holy standard, you are a lying, thieving, blasphemous, murderer at heart. The Bible says, “It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God” (Hebrews 10:31)—the God who created you and before whom you will one day stand. If God finds you guilty of breaking His Law, then He must punish you. And the punishment for sinning against God is eternity in hell (Revelation 21:8).

But there is good news! God has provided a way for you to be rescued from His wrath to come. Two thousand years ago, God the Father sent His Son Jesus Christ (fully God and fully man) to this earth (John 1:14). He lived the perfect life that you cannot live. He was nailed to a cross, shed His blood, and died taking upon Himself the wrath of God sinners deserve (Mark 15:22-26). Three days later, He rose from the dead defeating sin and death. As a result of Jesus Christ's perfect life, shed blood, death, burial, and resurrection, God grants forgiveness of sins and eternal life to all who believe (John 3:16).

But in order for this to happen, Jesus said you must be "born again" (John 3:3). Being born again is a supernatural work that only God can do when He gives you a new heart and dwells in you in the person of the Holy Spirit. This change results in a hunger for righteousness that will cause you to repent, turn from your sins, and put your faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior. Your life is but a vapor. You have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Will you even awake in the morning? Repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ while you still have time. Read the Bible every day and obey what it says.

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