Sunday, May 16, 2010

Challenge Coins Now Available

Our most popular item has been our Challenge Coin for Law Enforcement. We recently got them back in along with some great enhancements. We have added a coin specifically for Fire Fighters and the Tract is now plain to see when the coin case is opened up. You won't be dissapointed and all proceeds will go to our various ministries.

We are also offering a special bulk rate. All orders over $50 come with free shipping. Do you want to give a first responder a Gospel Tract and know that they will always keep it around? I believe this is the item to get.

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beth said...

I found a track on "You have a right to remain silence" at our library posting board. I took it home, went on this web and watched the video ( plus others on youtube ) In 2004 our county turned down a ParksnRecreation plan for our youth and families, we literally have nothing here for any of them to do, not even jobs. But they passed a multimillion dollar bond for a new jail. Now 2011, our sheriff is asking for a levy on homeowners for more police. I said in 2004, if you seek no preventation, nor care for your youth and families welfare you will get what you pay for.....Our countys teen and youth adult death rate is epidemic through suicide and accidents. They are the most incarcerated, and oppressed by fines, fees, jail,and endless mental health classes.Hope is not an option. Our families can not afford to repay Obama bucks and more taxes with no jobs, utilities rising. And still there is nothing for our youth and families but misrery and oppression. We do not believe the people are to be used to create revenue. This is not how a town should make its money. At the time our jail was built so were new elementary schools, they stopped calling them classrooms and now call them PODS, ironically they also called the new jail units PODS. It appears this was by design and distruction of its people. We do believe in the Constitution, due process and life, liberty and happiness for all of us including officers which we call PEACE OFFICERS......We hope this program for PEACE OFFICERS being united in oath and committment to God will assure the people that type of Peace Officer intented to protect the people he/she represents. We pray it will also bring a humility to Police Officers who do not know God but this program will help soften their hearts and be the men and women God demands of them. I am impressed and happy to see more and more officers seeking this path ! Blessings to you all for your good intentions and work, may it provide good fruits of your labor !