Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2010 Book of the Year: The Kingdom Leadership Institute Manual

Each year our ministry chooses a book that has had the most impact on us. Previous winners have included "Family Driven Faith" by Voddie Baucham and "Adopted For Life" by Russell Moore.

This years selection is a lesser known title but that does not diminish its importance. The Kingdom Leadership Institute Manual, by Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, is a powerful, Gospel Centered book.

Here is how William J. Federer described it:

"Life is not a playground. It is a war zonea clash of worldviews competing for the souls of men and the destiny of nations. Fundamentally, the crisis of our time is one of leadership. The KLI Manual: Raising Up Leaders a Time Like This Demands is a spiritual field manual designed to train Christian leaders who will not shrink back in the day of battle. Are you concerned for this generation, adrift on a sea of turmoil with no purpose, vision, or sense of destiny? Do you yearn for God to replace their apathy, lethargy, and indifference with courage, vision, and a clarion call to vital service for King Jesus? The KLI Manual: Raising Up Leaders a Time Like This Demands will give you hope for a godly future. 'Rusty Thomas's passionate voice cries in the wilderness of America. His message carries a clarion call that challenges our young to advance the Christian faith and the liberty it secures for our nation."

We interviewed Rev. Thomas last week. You can listen to that passionate interview here.

We also want to give a copy of our 2010 Book of the Year away. Please make a comment on this post. We will select someone to send the book to on February 22, 2011.

You can always order the book and help support Rev. Thomas here.

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