Thursday, February 03, 2011

Racine Police Participate in AOG Project

By now, you are likely familiar with one of our outreach projects, The Armor of God Project. As of February 3, 2011, this project has given away 1733 ballistic vests for free to law enforcement.

Our ministry and specifically those involved generally receive very positive feedback for the work involved but I want to take this time to be very clear about who gets the credit & glory.

Several individuals including one church (Calvary Baptist Church) donates each month to help us run this project which is almost all costs associated with the shipping of donations of vests and to the shipping of vests to individuals. It is through the generosity of them and the departments that give us vests that the credit should go to.

Those departments range from very small to large and this week we received one of our nicest donations from the Racine (Wisconsin) Police Department.

As you can see, the vests we received from Racine are still in their original boxes and most of them were new or like new. It was an incredible gesture by an agency that wants to help others.

It takes more than the agency and the financial donors. It takes someone in the agency that sees the need and has the passion to make it happen. For Racine P.D., it was Lt. Kurt Maurer who communicated with me several times and did an excellent job of preparing the vests for shipment. Two weeks ago, Officer Amy Taft, from Elmira P.D. (New York) not only sent us over 80 vests but also raised the money to ship them to us. It is just simply incredible to be a part of.

Now for the glory part. All of the glory goes to Jesus Christ. He and He alone is responsible for this project continuing and all of the glory goes to Him. Thank you Lord, for letting our small ministry to be a part of something so special.

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