Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mission Alabama: Tornado Tragedy

The tragedy of last week's tornado outbreak in the south has been well documented in the media and our ministry feels a call to the area. We did not know in what capacity 24 hours ago when we placed an e-mail out to those signed up for our e-newsletter but it appears that we now are being led to a specific area to help specific individuals.

While in the days to come, tremendous resources will be given to those in need, there is a group that are often forgotten. In general, those in this tragedy are able to focus on clean up, rebuilding, healing and at times mourning. For the first responders that are working in the area, they too often do not have time to do the things that others can do. Despite the urgent need to tend to family, etc. they have another mission...tending to the citizens in their community.

There are three specific communities that continue to be brought to our attention by multiple sources in the last 24 hours. In each city, multiple officers have lost property, police/fire agencies have been destroyed and equipment is damaged or detroyed.

Phil Cambell & Hackleburg, Alabama and Smithville, Mississippi.

We have gathered most of the names of the officers in each agency and the needs are tremendous. In fact, we were told today that "any help" is needed. While in due time, homes will be replaced and biils reimbursed, what is needed now are immediate resources for food, clothing, etc. We will also be providing emotional support and more importantly hope in Jesus Christ.

In the short term, we will be on the ground within a week but we will be talking with officials there to be able to provide more long term assistance so that the first responders can be given time to tend to their homes and family.

The devastation is hard to fathom and I spoke to officers in the area today and they told me that what they are seeing cannot be described. Entire towns are gone and in the case of Hackleburg, approximately 15% of the population is dead.

There will be plenty of opportunities from various organizations to donate during this time and we would like you to do that very thing. We would also like you to pray & consider donating to our ministry. All of the funds given will be used to provide resources directly to first responders in need. The officers going with us to help will use their own funds to do so....Your donation will be used in whole towards helping a first responder directly.

In one week, we will be in the area providing assistance. Online donations of any amount can help.

You can send a check/money order to:

Ten-Four Ministries
C/O Disaster Relief Fund
P.O. Box 52005
Tulsa, OK. 74152

There will be much more on this issue in the days to come. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook as we will be reporting from the area.

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