Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Behind the Scenes of Way of the Master Radio (05-15-07)

Today's "street fishing" trip was much better than last week's. The fish were almost jumping in the boat, today. First up was a young man named Albert. Albert was a 20-year old phone company worker who is considering joining the military. Albert's initial point of view was that people simply cease to exist when they die. He believed there was nothing beyond this earthly existence.

Following his conversation with Kirk Cameron and Todd Friel, Albert said he was given much to think about. Unfortunately, Albert had to return to work, so I didn't have any time to follow-up with him. I did, however, put copies of You Have The Right To Remain Silent and How To Live Forever Without Being Religious into his hands.

The guest for the second hour was a young man named Eddie (pictured above). Today's was Eddie's 17th birthday. As I watched Eddie, while he talked to Todd, I could tell he was uncomfortable with what he was hearing. Like Albert, Eddie told me Todd had given him much to think about. When I asked him to be more specific. Eddie simply said, "God's judgment, and things like that." Click here to listen to my follow-up conversation with Eddie.

I turned off my tape recorder after I finished my conversation with Eddie. I said good-bye to Eddie and watched him and his friends walk away. But one young lady remained behind. Apparently she was not with Eddie's group. She happened by and heard my conversation with Eddie. Her name was Daniella.

With a somewhat forlorn look on her face, Daniella said, "But he didn't sin. He didn't do anything wrong." She was referring to Eddie. I explained to Eddie that he had admitted to breaking God's Law in several different ways.

Daniella asserted that everyone goes to heaven. She said she believed hell is what a person experiences when they feel bad for doing something wrong. She then told me she was a Christian.

I asked her what she would tell me if I told her I was not a Christian and I wanted to know what I must do to be saved--to go to heaven. She stuttered and stammered. After a few seconds she simply gave up. Although she professed to be a Christian, she could not tell me how I could become one.

I took Daniella through the Law. She again insisted that hell was not a real place. When I shared verses with her that taught the contrary, and explained to her that Jesus talked more about hell than He did about heaven, she said, "Well, how do you know things weren't added to the Bible.

As gently as I could, I asked, "How can you say that you are a Christian when you do not believe the Bible?"

She said that there were many types of Christians and many different churches. I told her that while that is true, if they are teaching and/or believing something different from what Jesus taught, namely that people must repent and, by faith, put their trust in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation, they may use the name of Jesus, but they are not Christian.

She continued to insist that everyone will go to heaven.

"If that is true, then do you believe that Hitler is in heaven?" I asked.

"Well," she said, "He's dealing with all of the bad things he did."

"Where is he doing that?" I asked.

She sighed, looked at the ground, and walked away. I asked her to stay and continue the conversation, but she would not. How very sad. This young lady was very nice, and she seemed to have a sincere and gentle heart. Yet she has convinced herself to believe a different gospel--one she could not clearly articulate--one that does not lead to eternal life.

It was another good day of fishing. Please pray that Albert, Eddie, and Daniella will come to repentance and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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