Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Follow-Up: An Open Letter to a Christian High School

I have some good news to report regarding a recent letter I sent to a Christian high school.

I received a call from the head coach of the school's baseball program. He was apologetic, on behalf of the team. He said that he had a half-hour meeting with the team, about the incident. He assured me that the incident was uncharacteristic of his team, and that his team was counselled regarding the importance of Christ-like behavior. He also told me that the one player who had declared his unbelief would receive spiritual counsel. It was a good conversation.

The coach extended to me an open invitation to visit the school's campus and athletic program. I told him that if I was ever in his area I would take him up on the invitation.

I called the coach again and left a message for him, just a short time ago. In hopes of being an encouragement to the coach and the players, I offered to give gift copies of Take Up The Shield to all of the players and all of the coaches in the school's baseball program. My hope is that the book will challenge and encourage the coaches and the players. I hope the coach accepts the offer. Pray with me that the offer is accepted.

In the off-chance the coach visits this blog, thank you, coach, for taking the time to personally respond to my letter, in such a timely and sincere manner. I appreciate your commitment to coach your players not only to be good baseball players, but also to be genuine, faithful followers of Jesus Christ. I appreciate your integrity and the Christlikeness with which you responded to my pointed letter.

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