Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Behind the Scenes of Way of the Master Radio (09-04-07)

Usually I pass the phone off to our guests during the "street fishing" segments of the Way of the Master Radio show, so that Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, and/or Todd Friel can share the Law and the Gospel with them. But during the first hour of today's show, Todd had me do the interview. So, my cell phone became a microphone. :-)

David is only 14. He was at the courthouse with his aunt, Debra. I never did learn why they were there. Even at the age of 14, David was a disillusioned, lapsed Catholic. He could not reconcile himself with the fact that the Catholic faith teaches the veneration of Mary and the saints. In his mind, the Catholic faith worships Mary and the saints more than they worship Jesus.

David told me he believed in reincarnation. He based this belief on what he has heard from others, and what he has read. The most interesting of David's beliefs was his belief in the existence of hell, but he doesn't believe in the existence of heaven. This is the opposite of what many non-Christians believe. Most would say they believe in heaven, but not hell--for reasons that should be obvious.

Click here to listen to my conversation with David, which seemed to impact his aunt, too. I apologize for the sound quality. I had to put the recorder on the table, so I could pass the phone back and forth, between us.

Our guest for the second hour of the show was Lakesha. Lakesha was at the courthouse to answer for her 80-mph speeding ticket. Ouch.

Lakesha professed to be a Christian, yet she believed that people who never heard of Jesus would go to heaven. She misunderstood the nature of God's grace and His judgment. I explained to her that people do not go to hell because they've never heard of Jesus. They go to hell for breaking God's Law. That gave her a moment of pause.

I put her on the phone with Ray Comfort. What you can't see on the radio is the look on a person's face as their life is held up to the mirror of God's Law. I could tell that the conversation was pricking Lakesha's conscience and it was making her uncomfortable.

Was Lakesha a false convert? Was she a sincere person who thinks she has a relationship with Jesus Christ, but now she realizes she doesn't? I don't know. But she heard the Law and the Gospel, today.

Unfortunately, Lakesha only had a few minutes before she was due in court. And I certainly didn't want to make her late. I wish I had more time to talk to her. But God is sovereign over everything, even the limited time I had to talk to Lakesha.

As she handed me the phone, I handed her a copy of How To Live Forever Without Being Religious. I hope she reads it.

Please pray for David, Debra, and Lakesha.

It was another good day of fishing. :-)

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