Saturday, September 01, 2007

Epic Game of Ping-Pong with Ray Comfort

For two years, I have tried to beat Ray Comfort in Ping-Pong. Recently, I finally won a game. The game-deciding rally was captured on video. Just in case you can't recognize us: I'm wearing red, and Ray is wearing orange. In order to maintain some semblance of humility, I must admit that Ray remains the better ping-pong player. But it did feel good to beat my evangelism mentor--even if it was just one game. :-)


Marissa Lynn said...

Wow. LOL! :D

Leon said...

Well Tony,

I hate to say it...well, actually I don't, but I would beat you both. We'll see one day.


Anonymous said...

Lawman.......Do you need a little vacation? I thought I was the only one who would sit through something like this :-)


Tony Miano said...


I am sure I am need of more than just a little vacation. :-)


So much self-confidence for someone so young. :-)


This is all Marissa's fault. She showed me the video and, when I stopped laughing, I thought of my ping-pong games with Ray--which made me laugh even harder. :-)

Dru Morgan said...

That reminds me of when I used to play Super Mario brothers in college. You inspired me to find an old video of mine...

Marissa Lynn said...

Yes, I'll admit it: I showed him the video. But I cannot be held responsible for his decision to make an article about it and post it on his blog. :D