Friday, September 07, 2007

On the Set of Way of the Master Television

Yesterday, I was blessed to participate in the filming of a WOTM television episode. The episode, titled 'Fear Factor,' deals with the fear of God and the fear of man, and how both fears impact evangelism and the life of every person--saved and unsaved..

I invite you to visit my AiC photo gallery. There, under "WOTM 'What Scares You' Episode," you will find a bunch of pictures and captions that tell part of the story.

But yesterday, was so much more than I had expected. It was so much more than a day of filming.

Unbeknownst to me before I arrived on the set, the majority of the film crew were not part of the WOTM family. They had been hired for the day, from the film industry, which meant that the majority of the crew were unbelievers. It was a long, 15-hour day. But that didn't keep the Great Commission from being fulfilled on a dusty, western, movie lot.

Evangelism happened all day long!

The first instance was Scotty, WOTM sound engineer. Scotty arrived at the lot shortly after 6:00 am. Within minutes, he was engaging Bob, the fire marshal for the day, in spiritual conversation. I gave Bob a Ten-Four Ministries challenge coin, which includes a gospel tract.

The prop masters and armorers for yesterday's filming were two retired deputy sheriff's from my department. Both of them received challenge coins. And Leon (EvangelismTeam) must have talked to the two of them for over an hour, taking both of them through the Law and the Gospel.

Ray, Kirk, and E.Z. (and I'm sure other WOTM team members) engaged crew members in conversation, throughout the day. From time to time, blasphemy could be heard coming from the lips of a frustrated or jocular crew member. Later in the day, I saw Ray handing out "Hollywood and God" DVD's to members of the crew.

The second half of the day involved the filming of the scenes that included dialogue. So, all of the unsaved crew members involved in lighting, sound, directing, etc all heard the preaching of the Law and the Gospel, as Ray and Kirk went through the .

I've always believed that The Way of the Master was more than a television show. But after yesterday, I don't think I will ever watch an episode the same way again. From now on, whenever I watch WOTM I will think of the unsaved people behind the cameras. I will think of Ray, Kirk, E.Z., Todd, Scotty, Duane, and the other members of the WOTM team between takes, caring enough about people to speak the truth to them in love--bringing the Law to the proud and grace to the humble.

It was a great day! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tony. This in Christian love (and a little iron mocking iron humor) but in those pics with Ray you bare a striking resemblance to someone famous here in the southwest of Arizona. No, not Doc Holliday, or Wyatt Earp. A little more on the Pancho Villa side. Maybe it's the hat. Maybe the mustache. Maybe both. anyway, !Viva la evangelio de Jesuchristo!

Your compadre in Christo,