Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Behind the Scenes of Way of the Master Radio (10-31-07)

When I was a kid and my dad asked me if I wanted to go fishing, I was usually out the door with gear in hand and to the car, before my dad finished his sentence. Such was the case when Hip-Hop from Way of the Master Radio called me today and asked if I could "pinch-fish" on today's show.

So, it was back to the Santa Clarita Superior Courthouse for me and Amanda (my trusty camera person and 13-year-old daughter). When we first arrived, there were very few people out and about. But I keyed on one young man as he walked out of the library. He was carrying a paperback book in his right hand. I watched him as he walked toward the courthouse and made himself comfortable on the courtyard steps. He settled in to read his book.

I moved a little closer and behind the young man. I peered over his shoulder to see what he was reading. Since he was Hispanic, I wanted to see if the book was in English or Spanish. (I'm going to take Spanish at the local community college, starting next semester, so I can learn how to communicate the gospel to a very large people group in our area.) The book was in English. The title of the book: "Perfect Poison--A Female Serial Killer's Deadly Medicine."

I try not to contact people to early before the segment begins. I don't want them to get bored or "chicken" while waiting to get on the phone. But I had a sense that this young man was the one for the first hour, so I contacted him, introduced myself, explained what I was doing, and asked if he would like to be on the radio. Without hesitation, he agreed. His name was Eloy (19).

Listen to Eloy's conversation with Ray and Todd. Before putting him on the phone, Eloy told me he considered himself to be a good person. But within moments of giving him the phone Eloy readily admitted to Ray that he deserved hell.

I had a great conversation with Eloy following his time on the radio. Eloy was very humble. Listen to our conversation.

After we said good-bye to Eloy, Amanda just looked at me and said, "Wow." I took my little girl by the shoulders and said, "Honey, it's so important that you understand something. The Lord allows us to serve Him. He allows us to do what we do, here, at the courthouse. He allows us. It is a privilege to share the gospel with people like Eloy. What we're doing is not work. It's hard sometimes, but it is not work. It's a precious gift. Eloy might come to repentance and faith. And if he does, God allowed us to bring him the gospel. Honey, what I want for you and your sisters is to share in the great joy I'm allowed to experience every time I share the gospel with someone."

Amanda put her arms around me and gave me a wonderful hug. We watched Eloy as he walked away, and we prayed that he would come to genuine repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a beautiful capstone to a wonderful witnessing encounter.

Adam (22) was our guest for the second hour. Like Eloy, he was at the courthouse for a "criminal matter." But unlike Eloy, Adam was not humble--at least not outwardly. Due to time constraints, I didn't have a chance to conduct a follow-up conversation with Adam.

Ray and Todd's conversation with Adam was interesting. He told Ray that he was certain about his innocence regarding his court case. Yet his court case had already been adjudicated and he was at the courthouse for a progress report. While his case was settled without judicial penalty, he was not innocent. And when Ray took him through the Law, he continued to assert his innocence--but this time before God's courtroom.

Sadly, Adam's self-righteousness had blinded him to the truth that he was not right with God. He was only right with God in his own mind. It was, however, good to hear that Adam was thinking about reading the Bible. Adam said many of the "right" things, but is he saved? While I have my doubts, only God knows for sure.

It was another good day of fishing! :-)

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