Sunday, August 17, 2008

FIREPROOF Movie Review

I had the opportunity to review the new movie Fireproof last week. The movie opens on September 26th and prior to viewing it, I had no idea the impact it would make on me.

Lt. Caleb Holt lives by the old firefighter's adage: Never leave your partner behind. Inside burning buildings, it's his natural instinct. In the cooling embers of his marriage, it's another story. After 7 years of marriage, Caleb and Catherine Holt have drifted so far apart that they are ready to move on without each other. Yet as they prepare to enter divorce proceedings, Caleb's dad asks his son to try an experiment: The Love Dare. While hoping The Love Dare has nothing to do with his parents' newfound faith, Caleb commits to the challenge.

The audience will be challenged as well. I found myself emotional throughout the movie as I literally saw myself in Caleb's shoes. I have not been a Christian my entire marriage and seeing the transformation of the main character (played by Kirk Cameron) was as real as it gets.

Caleb's best friend and fellow firefighter, Lt. Michael Simmons, is identified early on as a Christian and his behavior, attitude and talks with Caleb plant seeds early on in the movie. Caleb tells another firefighter "We may not agree (with his faith) but he is the real deal."

A common theme in the movie is where Caleb's focus and love is (or where it is not). He is shown driving his new red truck and going into a new house. A fight with his wife revolves around the money he is saving for a boat. Caleb's dad lovingly tells him that "whatever you put your time money into will be what you care about." This movie is not only for first responders but everyone.

First, it is simply a good, entertaining movie. That will be a benefit because it is of the utmost importance that three things happen with the release of Fireproof on September 26, 2008.

1. Followers of Jesus Christ must see this movie. Even if you feel like your marriage is strong, this movie will still help.

2. Unbelievers need to see this movie. The Gospel message in this movie is nothing short of unbelievable. The message delivered is complete, clear and biblical. I found myself wanting to jump out of my seat in praise as the father of the main character, Caleb, tells his son that "saving someone from a fire does not make you right with God. You have violated his standards and one day you will be judged for that...... I love you too much to not tell you the truth."

3. As Christians we need to support this movie. It will be released across the nation the weekend of September 26th and there is no guarantee it will run past that weekend. The movie will continue to play as long as people go see the movie. Please encourage your church, your friends and anyone else you know to go see Fireproof.

There are many opportunities for ministry with the release of Fireproof. A book called "The Love Dare" is being released and a six week small group study on marriage is coming out that will use clips from the movie. Those and other resources can be found at

I am excited about the opportunities this movie will provide. Ten-Four Ministries will be doing several things in the next month to prepare for the release and we will certainly keep you posted. If you would like to help in your community, you can visit the official website for details. At a minimum let me encourage you to take an unsaved friend to this movie and please be in prayer to do even more than that.


Anonymous said...

how long is the movie?

haroldvincent2008 said...

I was unfortunate enough to see this movie at an industry preview. Think of the worst Lifetime movie you've ever seen (or seen an ad for) and scramble it with the worst idea for a Hallmark movie that ever got rejected and tossed in the garbage. What do you get? Read on:

If non-Christians are the target audience then I'm baffled as to what on earth the producers think is going to be the appeal here.

If Christians are the audience then I'm baffled as to what on earth the producers think is going to be the appeal here.

The promoters of this film are constantly sending out e-mails BEGGING people to buy hundreds (or thousands) of tickets so that the movie will have a good opening weekend. I suppose they realized that this thing ain't gonna sell itself. Churches have better things to spend money and time on than paying for otherwise empty seats just because these people made a crappy movie.

Christians need to realize that supporting a movie just because other Christians made it is really lame. Then again, I guess if you're the type of person who buys into the crock message in FACING THE GIANTS (the misguided notion that you'll get anything and everything you want if you just pray for it) then there's really no getting through to you.

And now to save you the trauma of sitting through anything longer than the trailer:

FIREPROOF is a movie about a fireman who... are you ready? NEVER FIGHTS A FIRE. The most harrowing act of bravery is right there in the trailer... they move a car off of the railroad tracks. Other than that, Kirk Cameron crawls under a house to escape a fire, but that's about it.

As for the whole marriage problem... it pretty much falls apart because Kirk is pissed that his wife didn't make dinner. I kid you not. That is what this entire movie rides on. The woman didn't cook. Sadly, this isn't played for laughs. We're supposed to take it ever so seriously.

A couple days later Kirk gets mad because the wife ate all pizza before he got home from not fighting fires all day. Kirk erupts in a violent bout of acting, the likes of which I hope to never see again, as he spews forth anger at this woman who dared to not make him dinner or save him a slice of supreme. That's the basis of their marital troubles.

Don't worry about the fact that Kirk is a fireman and there are actually scenes showing him cooking and eating at the firehouse. He wants more food and he wants it now! Given the physical aspects of his wife I'm doubtful that she wolfed down an entire Chicago style all by her lonesome... but it's easier to write a couple of fights about food than to come up with something substantial and compelling, right? I mean, so few people actually have marital troubles that you can't exactly do a bit of research and find some real-life inspiration. It's like a bad episode of the Honeymooners... although making any sort of comparison to FIREPROOF and The Honeymooners (or ANY other movie or TV show) is rather disrespectful of the Honeymooners (or ANY other movie or TV show).

That doesn't even matter... plot holes I can handle. Unexplained story elements I can forgive. Cheesy pointless setup that is supposed to provide the basis of an entire feature length film? No thank you.

The most unforgivable offense is the introduction of the "Love Dare" book... a diary that Kirk's father gives him that basically lists 40 nice things for him to do for his wife. It's nothing interesting or earth-shattering. Simple stuff, like make her coffee or dinner or pay her a compliment. To keep the movie from ending, Kirk's wife reacts negatively to the nice gestures and proceeds to start up an affair with a co-worker. We never see them physically involved, but the signs are there. He gives her cards and flowers, etc. Don't worry though... it's totally glossed over. It would make too much sense for that to actually become an issue, right? Focus on the food! We see more evidence of her having an affair than we do of Kirk's character supposedly looking at porn on the internet. The filmmakers (dare I call them that??) don't really show the computer screen, so it takes a while to figure out that Kirk has a porn addiction. It was tossed in like an afterthought.

According to FIREPROOF:




All that to say that by the end of the movie wifey finally forgives Kirksey, even though he's the bad guy... and she NEVER EVEN APOLOGIZES for trying to hook up with the dude at work!!! Oh sure, Kirk goes and threatens to punch the guy (oh no!!), but then he never says a word about it to the wife. The whole thing comes across as her having had every right to start looking for love elsewhere. After all, her husband yelled at her for eating all the pizza!!

Throw in a few scenes of Kirk and his dad walking around some random woods where there happens to be a cross and I guess you've got all the requirements for a truly horrible movie that makes Christians look like pansies.

As if the movie wasn't silly enough, a representative from Provident Films (the distribution arm of Sony Pictures for this movie) had the audacity to stand up at the end and announce to the audience that the filmmakers had decided to actually write this fictional "Love Dare" plot device and sell it in the form of an actual book.

If you realize nothing else, realize this: the entire sham of a film that is FIREPROOF exists solely to sell a book that did not even come into being until after someone made a movie where this book magically saves a marriage, except it really doesn't. What the filmmakers apparently want you to do is throw down ten bucks to see this movie where they prove the book works, then get you to go out and buy it to save your own marriage... which I suppose just might work... as long as your marital problems don't extend beyond the simple question of WHY DID YOU EAT ALL MY PIZZA, WOMAN?!?!

Brad said...

I kind of fall in line with Harold on this one. I too attended this movie at a sneek peek, and to be honest, I just couldn't get past the bad acting. No stumbling over lines, but everything seemed a half a step off. I agree that the original post that message was strong, but how they got there took a long time, and I just wasn't entertained enough to want to wait for it. Sorry, I hate that I didn't like it, but I didn't.

Anonymous said...

Haroldvincent2008... keep in mind that the purpose of every movie isn't pure entertainment value. Anyone who has ever been through troubled times during any relationship can relate to this storyline. There is a message here far more important than whether you liked the movie... I pray for you, and your present or future spouse that you are able to be still and find it.

Anonymous said...

Wow another moronic religious movie with an agenda, how many more can we possibly subjected to in our lifetime?

Anonymous said...

122 minutes

and I'm tired of all the critical reviews on this movie. Facing the Giants was an amazing movie(im sure this will be too), and prayer does go a VERY long way. The Bible says ask and you shall receive. So many of my most unlikely hopes and dreams have been answered by prayer and faith alone.

Anonymous said...

Wow, we Christians have a lot of praying to do. As we can read from Mr. Harold Vincent, he does not like the movie nor does he seem to really understand it. Most people in this day and age probably won't because they only want movies that cuss every other word, have sex all through them and violence. Anytime someone does something to honor our Lord Jesus Christ it gets quickly attacked and bad mouthed which Christians should expect because Satan is out there just waiting for the opportunity to use ANYONE or ANYTHING to try to mislead everyone. I think we are blessed to have a church out there that cares enough not to be quiet and to do what we have been commanded to do in the Bible and that is spread the word and tell others about Christ and if a movie can do it, that is awesome. Now it is up to us to pray for those like Mr. Vincent so that they will find Christ and finally see what God can do for them in every aspect of their life.

Anonymous said...

The person that commented on the moronic religious movie... How many works of Demonic trash have to continue to warp young minds in this Country? Lets think about the ratio for one minute.

Anonymous said...

When your not saved even a pizza fight makes the devil happy, come on people get a grip this movie is about saving something---your soul.

Anonymous said...

Why does being kind to your spouse, or anybody else, have to do with religion? Isn't religion about the afterlife?
So, non-christians can't love? Why can't this movie be made without the religious aspect? Wouldn't we rather have a world full of people loving for the sake of of loving rather than christians being the only people who ever see this movie?

Anonymous said...

I by accident saw Kirk Cameron promoting this movie lst week. Last night my husband of 34 years and I saw the movie. My husband has been in law enforcement for 30 years, and yes everyone does see them as heros except thier wifes, becuase there is nothing left of them when they come home. I would have been out the door long ago if is wasn't for the fact that we are both Christians. This movie was powerful for us. I applaud this movie on so many levels. The family in America is in a huge crisis, Christian and non- christain. This movie shows what can happen in a family, in a comminity , in a world when we become selfless and care for others well being more than our own. But, that is an impossible task, becuase we are all selfish by nature. But when you allow God to be in control of your life amazing things happen. Thank-You to the makers of this movie, may God Bless you.

Elder said...

This movie teaches the FACT that you can't love others properly until you love Christ. Your relationships with others are a direct reflection of your relationship with Him. God is love. You don't truly know love until you know Him. I've know this to be true time and time again.

Joseph said...

The movie was very, "American Christian". The Husband has his faults, for sure; the Wife, has none. He grovels for 40+ days in the Garden while his wife replaces him with her girlfriends has her affair (which is his fault too). When he comes back as, "Price Charming", like a kicked dog, she finally lets him back into her heart. Work he has to do, >100%. Work she does; <0%. Don't tell me he isn't in for a lifetime of resentment once this second honeymoon is over. Our culture puts zero responsiblity on wives these days, they are just to be "entitled princesses" as if life is a Disney production...

Anonymous said...

I got the chance to see Fireproof this weekend. I actually wasn't to excited about it and was considering not going. I am very glad I did. Although there is some cheesy acting and the budget was not limitless, over all it was a great movie. I have read several reviews on this movie and it seems to me that the people with the most problems can not get by the religous aspects. I think they went into the movie with a preconcieved notion of what they wanted to find wrong. I have seen plenty of horrible high budget movies with worse plots and bad acting. It's funny how harold speaks about the marital problems stem from eating all the pizza, that is amusing when that is all you can see in that relationship. I would have probably been just like harold a few years ago, before I was to the point where eating all the pizza would have set me off. The relationship problems are much deeper than the pizza, and harold it seems. Great movie,Great message, especially when everyday we are force fed running away from resposibility. I myself am guilty of it, but God willing I am no longer putting on my track shoes.

Anonymous said...

This movie so clearly mirrors my current marital situation that the less than stellar acting didn't matter, but the message did matter to me -- quite considerably.

Incidentally, three days before seeing this movie I had come to realize that my marriage was failing because Christ was not at the center of my life or our marriage. I have surrendered myself to Christ as Caleb ultimately did.

I know my marriage and my life will become more challenging as Satan tests my resolve, but I feel prepared for the fight. I have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

I saw this movie alone, and I am glad I did. I would like my wife to see it too, but not in my presence. The message was the point and I took it well. One of the better $10 bills I have spent. This is not feel good movie as much as a tough love story.

Anonymous said...

Wow...haroldvincent doesn't have a clue! Everyone pray for that man! I just saw Fireproof tonight w/ my husband who is also a firefighter. We too have been married 7 years. We absolutely loved the movie and are so glad we were given the opportunity to see it! Yes, there is some cheesy dialogue, and no, it probably won't be a blockbuster hit, but the message is absolutely powerful and touching. I can completely relate with Katherine and have had doubts about my marriage at times. I wish we had more movies w/ a message like this one! Fireproof is awesome! Our church honored every fireman in attendance to last Sunday's sermon w/ two tickets to the film! What a gift! For all you haroldvincents out there....I'll be praying for you b/c nothing is more powerful than prayer!! God Bless!!

Beth said...

I just saw the movie tonight, and I LOVED it! For one, I am a die-hard Kirk Cameron fan! For a man to be able to act that well, but give up roles, due to his faith in God, is awesome. HE is the real deal to me, and a great example to Christians and non-Christians out there!

As far as the argument stemming only from pizza, that is bologna. If you have been married for any period of time, you will know that the biggest arguments stem from the smallest things, such as dinner not being cooked. However, the problems are much deeper than pizza. They just didn't go into all of that.

I think the movie was great! It has an awesome message to the married and to the single people out there about love and life-long committment! It is truly nice to go and see a movie that is funny, sad, and moving, and know that there will be no sex, cussing, or violence in it. I definitely recommend this movie! It will make you smile, cry, and think about your relationships with those around you, and speaking from experience, marriage will never work correctly and be fulfilling unless God is at the center of you and your home.

Anonymous said...

I saw this movie last night with my husband. We both loved it. It was never supposed to be an academy award winner. Surely you'd think anyone can tell that. I was just glad to see that we can get the gospel message out there. Clearly, we love because God first loved us. AMEN! I would suggest this movie to everyone, teenager to adult. As for Harold, sad situation I'm afraid. Pretty shallow thought process. Praying for you that the seed that was planted while you watched this movie, takes root. SOMETHING or SOMEONE made you go to that theater. God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

First let me say, see the movie. Finally, a movie with a positive message. If you are a Christian like the main character, you can still learn some things.

OK, I have now been married almost 25 years. Five years, my husband who never does anything wrong, had an emotional (small physical) affair. Our relationship could have developed into a yelling match. I stayed strong and fought for our marriage. But, it is so easy to concentrate on your own needs and wants after a while. What Caleb was doing was putting other things as more important (boat, pornography, not helping around the house, etc) - even some of the comments "treat her like a rose, etc" were good.

This is a wonderful movie and with the way the world is now, we need more of them. Honestly, don't you get sick of so much violence?

Cat's Dad said...


Your post is dead-on. I couldn't agree more or write it any better.

I formed an "Action Squad" to bring Fireproof to my town by committing to buy 1,000 advance tickets for opening weekend. After buying the first 500, Hurricane Ike forced us to evacuate and miss one Sunday totally, and have a second Sunday with no electricity--thus, little opportunity to re-sell my 500 tickets!

But, by opening day Friday, Sept. 26, I sold the last of my tickets. Fireproof will start its 3rd week here Friday--another seven days of opportunity for inspiring and changing marriages and lives.

Over $13 million in 12 days--only important because of how many persons it represents--is truly a miracle. I'm ecstatic!

Anonymous said...

I haven't yet seen this movie, but I am going into this open minded and actually seeing this with my husband as part of our marriage counseling so we can better our marriage. The one comment that really ticked me off is saying that all their fights are about pizza, and yes I haven't seen it yet, but I know in a marriage little things set you off but there's a problem so much deeper. It's about being thoughtful and compassionate. Obviously this man Harold is not married and I think he missed the point completely. Hopefully no one will be discouraged from seeing this movie because of his opinions. Oh and maybe this was low budget but I know Gigli the movie with Jlo and Ben affleck BOMBED and is still considered one of the worst movies ever even though they spent millions! It's not about how much money you spend it's the point you get across...

Anonymous said...

I will agree w/ Harold Vincent on the acting may have been a bit off, but everything else he said was unecessarily harsh. Of course things aren't gonna be perfect because (save for Kirk) none of the actors are professional.

For your info, Christians aren't supporting just because other Christians made it, they realize the true and life altering message behind the movie and what God is conveying through it.

About the Facing the Giants stuff, you are bending the message a bit. What they are saying is if you pray according to God's will and what you believe He wants for you, you may not get exactly what you planned but exactly what God knows you need. God always answers prayer, that is what they are saying.

Also, the purpose of the movie is not to fulfill your lust for violence, blood, and explosion; its purpose is to get across an important message to those out there suffering from a faltering relationship. There is hope and that hope is in God.

Another thing I dislike in your comments is that the problem is not that Kirk is angered b/c she wont cook dinner. By the way your argument on that subject was very middle school level and immature. The problems grew over time because he was not in a relationship with God. You can't keep a relationship whole without God as the center. God is love; so if you don't know God, you can't know what true love is and so you can't truly love a person the way you should which leaves room for Satan to break the relationship.

Christians want people to realize that there are sinnful issues out there, but they know how to keep a movie acceptable in the eyes of God by making it clean and not vulgar. Now days I'm not surprised at the viscious attacks on movies that try to bring Glory to God, it is unfortunate that the world of today thinks a good movie must have these elements in order to be "good": sex, drugs, violence, and profanity.

She "hooks up" with him in the end because he has turned his life around and given it to God, which you should try doing and maybe you'll see in a different light. The light the world gives you is a dull one, but God's light is unfailing, as is His love.

Jesus Christ came to the world not to condemn it, but to save us from Hell. He lived the life of a man and, even though he was thrown temptations, he was 100% sinless. Then, in the greatest act of love, He died on the cross and rose 3 days later so that we dirty and undeserving sinners could one day live in Heaven with Him. All you have to do is, in your heart, believe this is the ultimate truth and admitt that you need Him and can't rely on youself.

I pray that one day you will see this before it's too late. I also pray for your future spouse to be strong in her faith. And if you already do, and claim to be a Christian, I highly suggest you start acting like one because supposed Christians who act like the world are one of the main reasons there are still non-believers wallowing in sin.

I apologize if you feel like you're on the attack, but you should consider thinking before typing.

Anonymous said...

I'll respond to Joseph here, who seems to have a major chip on his shoulder concerning the role of wives in the "American Christian" culture. I'm not sure which Christian community you live amongst, but in our's, wives are held responsible and are expected to serve, honor, and forgive - just like any good Christian or honorable human should do.

Anger and resentment toward women by men has been epidemic in most cultures for centuries. If this movie can portray that men are equally required by God to serve, honor, and forgive, then all the more power to it! I know too many women who sacrifice EVERYTHING for their children and their husbands, so your attacks that this movie represents the entire "American Christian" culture are unfounded, overly personalize, and un-true.

Please open your eyes and your heart to the realities around you, and you shall see that those of us who devote our lives to Christ do in fact, sacrifice ourselves for our families and beyond. Sacrifice should never be followed by resentment. If so, then that person has yet to "get it."

patrick said...

I just got back from watching Fireproof... the over all message was solid for sure; it was great to see such a different-flavored movie on the regular, big screen

Scooter_SC said...

I'll admit that the acting could have used some polishing, but having shot the film on a shoestring budget with only one camera and a volunteer staff, I'd say they did pretty good.

Think about it, this movie has cleared over $28 million at the box office. There are many Hollywood films that don't come close to that.

I think Harold may have been more offended by the Christian presence than the movie itself.

Mike Murrow said...

well Harold, looks like the verdict is in. You didn't like the movie because it is the worst example of "art" and the best example of "christian art" so you are going to hell.

At least now that you have that answer set squarely before you you can move on with your life! It is always good to know where you are headed.

I'm sure this comment won't make it through because it doesn't support the premise of the blog author.

Travis Yates said...

Thanks for posting and while I don't normally get involved in the Blog comments I do want to make sure you are aware of my "premise". If you've read my review, you are aware that I liked the movie. It simply does not offend me if someone did not like the movie. In fact, I have at least one good friend, whom is a Christian, that did not like the movie. That is ok. My premise is this. The fact that you liked it or didn't like the movie has nothing to do with the day we will all stand before God. God will judge us not based on what movies we liked or what Blogs we read but whether we kept his Laws. How have you done?

Have you lied? Have you ever stolen anything? Have you ever looked at someone with Lust? Jesus says that is adultery. Have you ever placed anything before God? Have you ever used blaphemy? I will stop there but let me tell you how I would do. I have broken all of those Laws. When I discovered where I stood in front of a Holy, perfect God, I knew I deserved hell and I knew I needed a Savior. That Savior is called Jesus Christ. He walked on Earth for over 30 years as God and lived a perfect life. He was cruxified on a cross and died for the laws (sins) we have committed against him. He then rose from the grave 3 days later and over 500witnesses observed this.

Jesus did this for us because he loved us (John 3:16) but the fact that he died on a cross is not enough. We must come to Him on His terms. We must repent (turn) from our sin and trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. We must give Him our lives and if we do that, he will regenerate you and make you love the things that He loves (which is perfection) and hate what he hates (which is sin).

Mike, I'm not writing this for any other reason than I don't want the comments here to get in the way of the only thing that is important. That is where you will spend eternity. If you go to and contact me, I'd be happy to send you several resources that will expand on what I have discussed here. Thank you.

Mike Murrow said...


To answer your questions; Yes, Yes - All the time and done more than just look, Yes - many things, and Yes at least once a day if not more.

Sorry if my glibness is offensive, but I think if we can't laugh about things how can we even discuss them.

Travis, I should be upfront here before we go forward. I served as a pastor in the church for 15 years and taught at a bible college. I have since rejected the faith, or it rejected me depending on one's perspective of course.

I only share that so as to save everyone who wishes to inform me of the central message of christianity from wasting time. Of course, there are folks who know my background and that hasn't stopped them from making sure I know that I am going to hell. I get about one email or phone call per week from someone attempting to convert me by sharing the same "good news" that I preached and taught from the pulpit and shared on door steps for 15 years. It would be funny if it were not so sad.

My comment was aimed at the folks who decided that because Harold up there didn't like the movie and was critical of it then he must be lost and needs to repent.

Anonymous said...

To Mike Murrow and Harold Vincent, probably you have never been married or have a perfect marriage. I have been married for 12 years, and I know that there are time, quarrels and arguments can erupt over seemingly trivial matters (like pizza, dinner, etc). But this happens because the marriage has deeper problems. These quarrels (like th ones shown in the movie) are just symptoms. Although the movie starts with a quarrel over dinner, most everyone knows that the marriage had problems long before that night. Having experienced myself how God changed my life, and countless other lives, I can say that the movie is realistic. I'm sorry if you have had some bad encounters or experiences with people who call themselves Christians or even real Christians. I'm sorry if you've encountered people who seem to come across as always condemning you or others. I apologize to you on behalf of people who are insensitive to people who do not believe in Jesus and who may have offended you but their actions. By one thing I want you to know, God is real. Jesus Christ is alive. He has transformed my life when I was 19 years old (now I'm 41 year old). Knowing Christ and walking with him is the best thing that ever happened to me. It's not been easy, and life did not become all sunshine. But He is real and is always with me, and I know that one day I shall see Him face to face.

Bernie (Philippines)

Anonymous said...

To Harold and others. There is nothing "unfortunate" about seeing this movie. If you walk away from this movie with nothing substantive then all I can do is pray for you. This movie was not about entertaining you, it was mirror looking into your soul. If you got nothing from this, then........I'll pray for you.


Anonymous said...

I saw the movie last night for the first time, and thought it was very good. It is very hard to believe anyone could make the comments Harold made. They sound like they came from a very shallow mind. Some of the scenes could have come from my home at times.

Anonymous said...

I think Fireproof is an amazing movie. My family went to see it at a church in the town we live in and we all loved it. There are still acting issues but they are getting better every movie and, who am I to talk?
It's really great to know that someone is out there making honest christian movies.
Harold Vincent does have a point that the first two movies were "feel good" films but life is tough we don't need any more depressing factors than there already are.

TJ said...

The title was shared to me by my cousin who is a firefighter. Being in a family of firefighters, I thought it's interesting. I thought that it was an action film so I watched it yesterday with my husband rolling on the bed half asleep. The acting lapses didn't bother me at all coz I understand what the movie tried to portray. I can relate every single detail it projects coz that kind of relationship happened to me too. I know that anything that I think is impossible is always possible with God. I was teary-eyed the whole time I was watching the movie. It's very touchy. I would pray for those who have not understand the point of it. I recommend this movie to be watched specially by married couples.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that there are Christian movies out there. There NEEDS to be more. You don't have to watch this movie if you are offended by religion, but those of you who are offended and still watched it, you chose to, no one forced you to. I enjoyed the movie immensely and would recommend to anyone. I am tired of all the movies that come out are about drugs, sex, violence, hence why I don't go see any of them! I pray for those who do not see the truth in this movie, one day they will answer for what they have done in their lives, as all of us will!

Anonymous said...

My issue with the movie is that it potrayed the man as the only offender in the marriage. It showed all his faults and weaknesses but never adressed hers. There are deeper issues that are never addressed, for example why does he lust after porn? It never addressed what needs of his besides sex are not being addressed. It does not talk about the other stresses of life that affect both partners. It was a good message, however it only skimmed the surface. The other problem that I have is that she will never trust him. How can that build a healthy relationship going forward. It also does not address what needs of her that are not being met. The old adage is that it takes two, well in marriage it takes two. Both people have issues, the lines of communication are broken, they have to fix that going forward. Also, sometimes people change for the better and sometimes for the worse. The whole focus was on him, where it should be on both.