Monday, August 25, 2008

Sermons Now Online

We are now posting Sermons on the front page of our website. We hope to add new sermons each week on a variety of subjects. The focus of Ten-Four Ministries is not just evangelistic but we want to do what we can to disciple Christians, particularly Christians in the law enforcement profession. Due to alternative shifts and schedules, many officers are unable to go to church on Sunday. Whether an officer or not, we hope that these sermons will bless you and feed you in the Word of God.

We have several sermons listed now but here is one that will not go up until next week. Since you are visiting, you get the sermon today.

This wonderful sermon by John Macarthur and Grace To You discusses several issues important to Christians. From Luke 10:25-29, what does it take to be saved? What does the Law of God have to do with that? Does the Sinner's Prayer save you? How should we evangelize? Find out here.

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