Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sergeant Tom O'Connor

Tom O’Connor is a Sergeant in the Pennsylvania State Police. He resides in Monroeville, Pennsylvania with his wife and two young children, ages 5 and 7. In early 2007, Tom was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer and he had extensive surgery to remove a tumor from the upper portion of the tail bone. Tragically, a complication resulting from the surgery left Tom permanently blind.

In July of 2008, Tom learned that the cancer had returned, causing a recurrance of the tumor. Tom's doctors found that the cancer had metastized and spread throughout his body. Tumors were located on his upper thigh bone, hip bone,upper arm bone and the T9 vertebrae and on the front of his chest.

Tom has requested to be enrolled in a clinical trial in which he would receive an experimental cancer treatment drug that has not yet been approved by the FDA.

Since being diagnosed last year and subsequently losing his sight, Tom has been unable to work. He has exhausted all of his paid sick leave with the State Police, and he is currently on leave without pay. Tom’s wife Jen is unable to work full time due to the level of care that Tom and their two children require. Understandably, their family is now under a heavy financial burden.

Above is a photo of Tom's Children.

I am asking all of the Ten-Four Family to pray for Sgt. O'Connor and his family. We will be making an immediate donation to Tom and his family through the 10-33 Fund. Our fund is limited and I wanted to give you the opportunity to help Sergeant O'Connor and his family.

To make a tax-deductible contribution towards assisting Tom, please make your check payable to: Missionary Church Western District. Please write "10-33/O'Connor" on the memo line.

You can mail the check to:

Ten Four Ministries
P.O. Box 52005
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74152

For a donation of $20, we will send you a free copy of Take Up The Shield. For a donation of $50, we will give you a copy of Take Up The Shield and one of our new Challenge Coins.

We are so appreciative of your prayers in this matter.

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