Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ambassadors' Alliance Radio!

Listen to Tony Miano on internet talk radio

Bart McCurdy and I will begin a new adventure tomorrow night. It's called Ambassadors' Alliance Radio. Every Thursday night, at 8 PM (PST), Bart and I will host a fast-paced and fun online radio program on BlogTalk Radio.

This program is dedicated to teaching biblical principles regarding evangelism; to encouraging Christians to share their faith and to live (and die) for the Lord Jesus Christ; and to proclaim the Law of God and His Gospel to lost people who are perishing in their sin.

Join us for a fast-paced hour of evangelism tips, news, and whatever else may be on their minds. Topics for this week will include: Created 4 His Glory--apologetics through God's handiwork; An interview with evangelist Paul Kaiser; how the Law of God shut the mouth of a "No on Prop 8" protester; and more.

I hope you will make Ambassadors' Alliance Radio a regular part of your Thursday evenings.

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Travis Yates said...

Very good show and thanks to Tony for mentioning Ten-Four Ministries. I highly recommend this each week.