Friday, July 24, 2009

Ask The Lawman: Asking People To Accept Jesus?


kopest1 said...

You make a good point and I do think that far to many try to do Gods work instead of them being used by God to do he's work. Sorry Tony but I have to point out just a few versus here that tell me we are to lead in the sinners prayer. In the time after Christ it was common to be baptized right after accepting Christ as savor. Mar:1:4, Acts:2:38,Acts: 16:31 to 38 and lets not for get Christ said I stand at the door and knock Rev 3:20

Travis Yates said...

Thanks for the comment. I would like to explain Revelation 3:20 somewhat. The context of that verse (Revelation 3:14-21) tells us that this statement is being said to the Church in Laodicea. A lukwarm church, a church that Jesus is demanding that they repent.