Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

I recently discovered a Christian film that is opening on September 18th and I was absolutely blown away by the movie. I was originally asked by a local representative of the movie to endorse the movie and I asked to see it first.
To say I was surprised by what I saw is an understatement.

There are many movies called "Christian" but The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry is the ultimate Christian movie. Bible verses are read in whole throughout the movie and Christ plays a prominant role in this movie.

I was so touched by this movie, I contacted the producer, Rich Christiano, and spoke to him on the phone. This movie may not play in your town and I would highly encourage you to do what you can to help this movie. Talk to your theaters, talk to your church and more importantly, find a place to see it on opening weekend. That will determine how long it stays in the theater and the opportunities unbelievers will have to see this movie.

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