Saturday, December 12, 2009

MacArthur on TBN: Unholy Trinity

Pastor John MacArthur recently posted an excellent article on the false gospel and lies being portrayed by the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

It is right on point and something that quite frankly has been on my mind. You will likely see a change of tone in 2010 from this ministry in regards to these false prophets as they spread their lies on television each night.

Why would a law enforcement ministry take a stand on this? I spoke about it last month and in short, because it is the duty of us as Christians to silence these liars (Titus 1:11) and it is a large reason so many in law enforcement (and everywhere else for that matter) run from God.

One particular part of Pastor MacArthur's article hit me hard:

And yet evangelical church leaders typically show a kind of benign tolerance toward the whole enterprise. Most would never endorse it, of course. They may joke about the gaudiness of the big hair and tawdry set decorations on TBN. Ask them, and they will most likely acknowledge that the prosperity gospel is no gospel at all. Press the issue, and you will probably get them to admit that it is a dangerous form of false doctrine, totally unbiblical, and essentially anti-Christian.

Why, then, is there no large-scale effort among Bible-believing evangelicals to expose, denounce, refute, and silence these false teachers?

I recently attempted to bring Justin Peters to the Tulsa area, the center of the lies that Pastor Macarthur spoke about and as of today, churches are running away from the opportunity to speak out and educate others in the dangers of the prosperity gospel.

Why is that? I could only guess and I have two of them. Either these churches are not grounded in biblical teaching or they indeed are scared of upsetting the "Mega-Churches" in the area that they often dine with and seek financial assistance which ofcourse means they are not grounded in biblical teaching.

Here is the entire article by Pastor MacArthur


Natalie Adams said...

What does this mean - "... I am in the middle of the church and university that he found." Oral Roberts does not have a church. You are not an alumnus of ORU, nor do you work at the university. Please clarify. Thank you, Natalie Adams, Director of Alumni Relations, ORU.

Travis Yates said...

Thank you for your post and you are correct, Mr. Roberts does not have a church here but there are a lot of churches in the Tulsa area that have been influenced greatly by his teachings but my original post is not clear and ultimately somewhat deceiving. That was not my intention and I am sorry for that. After reading it again, I will take the reference of Mr. Roberts out of the post. I would encourage you to read the original article that I was referring to in the post. The teachings of health and wealth based on how "faithful" one is or how much "tithings" have been paid are heresies. Thank you for your comments.