Monday, December 21, 2009

From Alabama to the World

If you question whether there is a God; If you question the Sovereign God of the Universe, you simply aren't paying attention to the world around you. As an example, take a look at the Armor of God Project. In late February, 2009, I had lunch with my good friend, Muscle Shoals Police Lt. Clint Reck and we discussed the possibility of starting this project.

We placed a one page website online around April 1, 2009 and today you can see the states and countries touched by the project.

After the second officer was saved in the Philippines, the President of that Country asked about the Project.

We have partnered with some of the largest agencies in the country, been featured in major publications and raised thousands of dollars that have gone to handing out over 600 ballistic vests free of charge.

This has been done without any advertising, no fundraising efforts, no salaries and no soliciting. How could that be?

From the very beginning of the Armor of God Project, the mission was set. Yes, providing bullet proof vests to those that needed them was important but not as important as the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing comes close to the importance of a message, the only message that can truly save your life into eternity.

Every time a vest goes out, the Gospel is presented either in person or in written form. It is why this project exists.

Do we have needs in 2010? Of course but we aren't concerned. God is on His thrown. He is in control and if He wants His message of forgiveness to continue through this venue, He will provide for it.

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