Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Year: Bible Reading Plans

If you are not currently on a Bible Reading Plan, now is a great time to plan out your 2010 Reading Plan. If you are like me, there is a real struggle with daily readings of the Bible and what works for me is a structured plan. It is easier than ever before to read the Bible each day. You can even be e-mailed the scriptures to read each day.

A common theme in reading plans is being able to read the entire Bible in one year and if you embark on doing this, you will find out that it simply doesn't take very long each day to do this.

As the new year approaches, the listed reading plans start over so now is the time to get your plan in place. I actually started my 2010 plan last week, just so I have a few days built in ahead of what is sure to be a busy year for all.

There are many plans to look at and decide what you would like to do. I would encourage you to look at a plan that involved multiple books each day. It leaves me wanting more and looking forward to future readings.

Here is a link to the Robert Murray McCheyne Bible Reading Plan which containes links to each reading. This is the plan that I started about a week ago. I have found it to be very good. You can download a PDF Version to carry with you here.

Another popular plan is from Professor Horner. You can read about that plan here.

Here are additional reading plans with the option to e-mail you the readings each day.

This is not a reading plan but gives you a list of books and chapters that will help you keep up with your reading. Click here to download a PDF of this.

While I believe reading the Word of God is an important method of fellowship with our Savior, I also understand there are some of you that have a very difficult time with reading. I will at times supplement my readings with the Audio Bible. I have actually listened to entire Books of the Bible just driving back and forth to work.

Regardless of what plan you use, it is important to devote time each day to the Word of God.

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