Friday, January 30, 2009

Do You Live Dangerously?

This is a powerful excerpt from Dr. Al Mohler's Convocation Sermon at the Southern Baptist Seminary where he serves as President. The title of the message is called: The Year of Living Dangerously. I had the privilege of speaking to Dr. Mohler a few weeks ago on his radio show.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Young, Restless & Reformed

I just completed a fantastic book on the Reformed resurgence among our youth. The book written by Collin Hansen investigates this resurgence and talks to the leading pastors and theologians of this growing movement. Hansen uncovers common threads in their diverse testimonies and suggests what the church might look like when these young evangelicals become tomorrow's leaders.

Hansen visited Al Mohler, John Piper and many others and weaves great stories of Christian leaders standing for the truth within scripture. You won't be dissapointed in this book. I highly recommend it.

If you want to read the 2006 article by Hansen that inspired the book, click here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Across America - City #48

The Raleigh (NC) Police Department is the 48th largest city in America. This week we ask you to pray for the Raleigh Police Department and for Chief Harry Dolan. For the next 47 weeks Ten-Four Ministries will be contacting the police chiefs in the largest 50 cities in America and presenting them with The Gospel. This is an ongoing project called The Across America Project.

The Eye of a Needle

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." Mark 10:25

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sanctity of Life

In the next few weeks, many churches across America will be featuring The Sanctity of Life on Sunday morning. Below is a video that is very powerful on the issue.

In addition, below is the message my Pastor gave this past week. One of the questions asked is whether God judges Nations for their actions? I hope the message blesses you as it did me.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Across America - City #49

The Honolulu Police Department is the 49th largest police department in America. This week we ask you to pray for the department and for Chief Boisse P. Correa. For the next 48 weeks Ten-Four Ministries will be contacting the police chiefs in the largest 50 cities in America and presenting them with The Gospel. This is an ongoing project called The Across America Project.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Across America - City #50

As the 50th largest city in America, The Arlington Police Department is the first department that will receive a copy of Take Up The Shield, Challenge Coin, Gospel Tract and letter. We will be sending Arlington (Texas) Police Chief Theron Bowman(PHD)those items later this week.

For the following 49 weeks we will do the same with the Police Chief in the next largest community. We ask that you pray specifically each week for these Police Chiefs, their officers and their community.

How important is the power of prayer and the Gospel? It is more important than any program, any crime reducing strategy and any works anyone, anywhere can do. That is why we are asking for your help with the "Across America" Project. You can sign up for our newsletter to receive bi-monthly updates on the project and you can check this blog weekly for the next Police Chief and Agency to pray for.

We are not limiting this project to just the top 50 cities in America. If our resources stay intact, we will expand this project in the years and months to come.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back To School: Part 2

I mentioned in an earlier post that if you are interested in taking some seminary classes but you do not want to pay for it or unsure how to do that, there were some valuable options for you.

You can access many classes from Reformed Theological Seminary from ITunes.
Covenant Theological Seminary is very good and they have placed their courses online for free.
In addition, Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology Class can be found here and the class I am currently taking with Douglas Kelly can be found here.

I have found my first class, Systematic Theology 1, to be very detailed, informative and a blessing to take.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pastor MacArthur Is Not Ashamed

We have had so many examples in recent years of well known Pastors having the chance on national television to proclaim the one true Gospel and they fail to do so. In this video below, Pastor John MacArthur does not shy away from Jesus Christ. Special thanks to Trish over at Fish With Trish for pointing this video out to me.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Announcing our "Across America" Project

Ten-Four Ministries is pleased to announce our latest project: "Take Up The Shield Across America". For 50 weeks in 2009, we will be sending a copy of Take Up The Shield, a Challenge Coin and a letter to each Police Chief in America's largest 50 cities.

In the resources we send will be a Gospel Tract and we will be advising the Chief that you, the Ten-Four Family, are praying for them. The cost of each week is $20. If you would like to sponsor a week, please let us know. For $30, we will not only sponsor the next week's agency but we will also send the same resources to any agency of your choice.

To sponsor this project you can send a check to the following address:

Ten-Four Ministries
P.O. Box 52005
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74152

Please write "Across America" on the memo line of the check.

Regardless of the resources received, we are committed to completing this project and we are excited to present the Gospel to the leaders of our law enforcement agencies.

The project will begin January 11th with Arlington (Texas) Police Chief Theron Bowman (PHD) and will end December 20th with New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelley.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back To School

Well it's official. I am now a college student....again. Why did I decide to go back to school? It certainly wasn't to get a degree or to be a graduate student. I finished graduate school over 10 years ago. Things were quite a bit different back then. I did not have any children and my employer permitted me to attend school on duty. I was not involved in a ministry, active in a church, teaching on the college level, managing a consulting company and not doing many of the things that I am currently involved in.

Needless to say, I was not looking to go back to school but when God gives you a burden you simply cannot ignore it. For over a year I have felt a push to go to Seminary and I have spent much of this last year doing extensive research on schools. I applied at one school locally and was accepted in April and even enrolled but I never attended. It simply did not feel right. The majority of schools I looked at seemed to be offering nothing more than a business degree that had a lot of religion in it. I have no interest in how to grow a big church, etc. My burden was related to one thing. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and how that can be furthered. I continued my research and had just about thought I would not find a school until I came across a school called Reformed Theological Seminary.

After looking at several respected Christian leaders that have graduated and support the University, speaking with Godly men, and actually listening to lectures on I-Tunes, I decided to apply and I was honored to be accepted a few weeks ago.

I have been asked what my goals are and they are simple. I want to continue to study God's Word and continuing to mature in my faith. Some have been surprised when I tell them that my goal is not to get a degree. If that happens that is fine but that is not the reason I am attending school. I am looking forward to being mentored by some wonderful, Godly professors and I believe that RTS will help me with this. Some can do this without school and while I have been very blessed to read and study from many resources, I believe that I will gain even further knowledge about my Savior from a university.

The program that I am enrolled in is a distant education program but it does require some on-campus visits in Charlotte, North Carolina. I take exams locally, required to meet with my pastor four times each class and send in research papers throughout the program. I received the materials for my first class last week, Systematic Theology, and it is challenging. I am required to read several books while listening to all of the lectures via mp3. I certainly have a renewed respect for students of Seminary. You can view my specific program here.

Have you thought about going to Seminary or simply learning yourself using similar resources? Later this week I will give you other options for furthering your knowledge of the Gospel that doesn't involve the cost of college.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Ambassadors' Alliance Radio

I had a great time on Ambassadors' Alliance Radio last night. The segment with Ten-Four Ministries began at minute 54 but the show was great so I encourage you to listen to the entire show.

You can listen to the show in streaming format here. If you would like to download it you can do that here.

I would like to thank Tony Miano and Bart McCurdy for the opportunity to discuss the efforts Ten-Four Ministries is making in reaching our first responders with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We had the opportunity to mention our upcoming projects so please listen and let us know your thoughts.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Twitter Land

I have never been involved in a "social network" other than this Blog. Mainly due to time. As the Director of Ten-Four Ministries, full time police officer, father, husband, church leader, etc. I simply must be careful with what I spend my time with. Well, I finally found one that suits my schedule.

It's called Twitter and after a couple of weeks I can tell you that it is enjoyable. If you would like to keep up with my activities throughout the day, you can go to the Ten-Four Ministries Page.

I have found it enjoyable to follow other users such as John Piper, Tom Ascol, Mark Hall, Al Mohler, Michael W. Smith, etc. I even follow ESPN and Fox News and find that I am getting information very quickly by just opening up the application on my Blackberry. In my opinion, Twitter is only worth using if you have a phone that is capable of running it. There are a ton of applications for the I-Phone and Blackberry.

If you want to get started, here is a great article on how. I hope to see you in Twitter land.

Ten-Four Ministries Will Be On AA Radio

This Sunday I will be a guest on Ambassadors' Alliance Radio talking about Ten-Four Ministries and our efforts to spread the Gospel among the law enforcement community. If time permits we may announce some special projects scheduled for 2009. The show begins at 10 p.m. CST.

Listen to Ambassadors' Alliance Radio on internet talk radio

God's Law

"The most powerful preaching is that which aims at radical conviction of sin." Pastor John MacArthur