Monday, March 01, 2010

Ten-Four Ministries Partners With the Pittsburg County Sheriff's Office

Ten-Four Ministries was humbled to be able to join with the Pittsburg County (OK) Sheriff's Department today and outfit their SWAT Team with Tactical Vests. We received the vests valued at over $120,000 several weeks ago from a generous agency. At the time we did not know a place for them to go but as we have seen so often in the last year, God sent an agency our way. The Pittsburg County SWAT Team was recently formed but they had very limited funds for equipment. The agency located the Armor of God Project, a ministry of Ten-Four Ministries that has provided close to 900 free ballistic vests to peace officers in need around the world in the last year.

Myself and Tulsa Police Corporal Dan Ward and Ten-Four Ministries Board member drove 90 minutes south and was surprised to have almost every deputy from the SWAT team waiting on us upon our arrival. Despite several working nights and being off-duty, they were excited to see us and their new vests.

As we began to speak to the team, Sheriff Joel Kerns stepped in and introduced himself. I asked the Sheriff if I could address his SWAT Team and he encouraged me to. He pointed to a sign in the room we were in, which was an order from him that profanity was not allowed. I should have known then what Sheriff Kerns leadership was pursuing for his deputies. I shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the SWAT Team. It was an amazing opportunity and I am sincerely grateful for Sheriff Kerns permitting me to. Below is a video of our Gospel Presentation to the group.

Each Deputy also received a copy of Take Up The Shield and an excellent Gospel Tract that we use from Anchored In Truth.

We were able to personally meet most of the deputies and then Sheriff Kerns and Sergeant Bedford graciously permitted us to speak to them on camera about their involvement with the Armor of God Project.

What an honor it was to meet these real life heroes and have the opportunity to share with them about Christ. I am continually amazed that God has given me these opportunities. To Sheriff Kerns and the Pittsburg County Sheriff's Office...Thank you for spending part of your day with us.

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