Sunday, August 05, 2007

An All-Too-Familiar Story -- Churched, But Never Heard the Gospel

That's Danica. She's gone to church her entire, short life, but she has never really heard the Law and the Gospel--until yesterday.

Danica is 14-years-old. Danica and her older brother, Sam, were at the park following the Frazier Park Fiesta Days Parade. I approached Danica and her brother, with microphone in hand. I asked Danica if I could interview her for a radio show.

As I talked to Danica, I learned that she has grown up in church, but she had no idea what God did to provide her with the only possible escape from the wrath of God to come, even though she said she had heard it before. Listen in on our conversation.

Yesterday was a great day of evangelism. Not only did I get to talk to Danica and her brother, but the entire Miano Clan (pictured above) got to join several friends, including Jerry Parker and his family, for the Frazier Park Fiesta Days Parade.

All the younger kids piled into the back of Jerry's truck and tossed bags filled with candy and gospel tracts to children of all ages who were watching the parade. Us older kids :-) walked the parade route handing out Big Money and Billion Dollar Bill tracts. The parade route was only about a mile, but our team was able to distribute about 1,000 tracts. The parade ended at the community park. We continued to distribute tracts, and that's how I met Danica.

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Bri said...

Boy, I sure wanted to go! Sounds awesome! Oh well. Next time. Hey, why is it that I always somehow miss out on the big events?