Wednesday, August 08, 2007

One Mediator Between God and Man (Behind the Scenes of Way of the Master Radio)

My brother-in-law (Ian) and my nephew (Daniel) joined me for "Street Fishing" yesterday. Fishing has been so good at our local superior courthouse that we fished there for the third straight week. And the Lord did not disappoint.

Our first-hour guest was Cordell--a grocery worker who was at the courthouse for a probation status report hearing. Cordell had been convicted of drunk driving. He got behind the wheel one night, after having too much to drink, and plowed into the side of a mountain. He was remorseful and seemed to be genuinely willing to take responsibility for his actions.

After Cordell talked to Ray Comfort and Todd Friel, I spent some time talking to him. Toward the end of the conversation, I asked Cordell if he had been represented by an attorney, in court. He said that he availed himself to the services of the public defender. Cordell told me that he saw his attorney as a mediator between him and the judge. Listen to our conversation and see how the courtroom analogy made sense to Cordell.

Our second-hour guest was Manny--an administration of justice student at our local community college. Manny's ambition was to become a probation officer. Manny (20) had spent some of his younger years on the wrong side of the law. In fact, by his own admission, he was well known to my former partners on the gang unit.

Manny claimed to be a Christian, but he believed he was a good person, and he believed in reincarnation. Manny was never sarcastic during our conversation, but he did have an air of self-confidence and self-righteousness. That all changed when I put him on the phone with Ray and Todd. How beautiful it was to watch this young man's heart melt like wax, as he heard the Law and the gospel. Listen to my follow-up conversation with Manny.

Will Cordell and Manny be saved? I do not know. But they were both humbled by the Law, and they both heard the gospel. Pray for these two young men.

It was another great day of fishing!

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