Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Hot Day on Hollywood Boulevard

Yesterday was a very warm, Southern California day. I spent the day on the star-studded sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard with fellow evangelists from Santa Clarita, San Diego, San Dimas, and parts in between. We all shared the common bonds of a love for Christ, a love for lost people, a desire to fulfill the two greatest commandments, and a desire to fulfill the great commission.

Here's a snapshot of what the Lord allowed us to accomplish for Him, in five hours yesterday:

* 2-3,000 gospel tracts distributed

* 2 solid hours of open-air preaching, between three preachers

* hundreds of people heard the proclamation of the Law and the Gospel

* many one-to-one conversations

It was a great privilege to serve Christ and to spend time with so many devoted proclaimers of the gospel. I made some new friends yesterday, too, which was an added blessing.


Anonymous said...

What's the story behind the "dead body" picture? What were you preaching?

Tony Miano said...

The "dead body" is a prop commonly used by open-air preachers. It helps to draw a crowd and it is useful for initiating conversations.

For instance, a couple stopped in front of the covered body and just stared. I asked them what they thought of our prop. This led to me asking them what they thought happened to someone when they died.

I learned that the man was a 2-year veteran of the police force. This gave me the opportunity to put a copy of "Take Up The Shield" into his hands.

Another way the covered body was useful was this. As people walked by and stared, I would hand them either a "Big Money" or "Million Dollar Bill" gospel tract. I would say something like: "He (referring to the covered body) can't take it with him, so I'm giving his money away."

The covered body served as an illustration of the reality of death and a segue into spiritual conversations.

Thanks for asking. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering. :-)