Thursday, December 27, 2007

"I Have To Believe"

It sounded like a good idea. The Youth Group at my home church wanted to go see National Treasure: Book of Secrets. The Youth Minister talked my wife and I into it and believe it or not talked us into a 10:00 p.m. showing. While I would love to give you a hint of the positive or negative aspects of this movie, I'll have to leave it up to Plugged In Online to do this for you. I simply slept through parts of the movie. It was a rather futile way to watch a movie if you are typically used to going to sleep early in the night.

Not all was lost in the adventure. As we approached the ticket counter I proclaimed to the crowd that I would gladly buy them a ticket if they could pass my test. My family is used to this offer but most of the Youth Group at my Church are not. We are introducing the WOTM Basic Training Course to the Church in February so hopefully in time, I'll have a little "backup" in these fishing expeditions.

The majority of the crowd was young people and one young man emerged from the crowd and raised his hand to take my test. He looked to be about 14 years old and he was excited to get his free movie ticket.

I asked him if he thought he was a good person. He said he was and agreed to continue with the test. "Have you ever told a lie", I asked. He admitted that he did.

"What does that make you?".........................."It makes me a sinner."

He went on to admt that he would be called a liar and that when he stands in front of God on Judgement Day, he would be judged guilty. I sensed that he had a religious background so I asked him if he went to church. He went to a large Baptist Church in the area.

This young man had the knowledge that Jesus Christ died on a cross for his sins but when I asked him what he had to do to accept that gift, he said something that may be one of the most common answers in modern day religion.

"I Have to Believe"

He didn't know what else he needed to do. I explained to him that in James 2:19, the Bible tells us that the "....devils also believe, and tremble." Belief alone does not save anyone if with that belief there is not repentance and a trust in Jesus Christ. When this was explained to him he looked surprised. I handed the young man a $5 bill for his movie ticket (yes, in Oklahoma some movies are still $5) and explained to him that he failed the test but God's Grace gives us an opportunity to spend eternity with him. My $5 bill to him was an example of grace.

While these encounters are usually one on one, there are always others listening. That was the case on this night. Please pray for these young people that the presentation of the Law & Gospel will move them to repent of their sins and trust in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation.

We entered the theater and passed out Million Dollar bills......right before I took my nap.

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