Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Mail Fishing" (Update)

Recently, I posted an article entitled Mail Fishing. In the article, I made a suggestion for sharing the gospel by placing a gospel tract in the postage-paid return envelope provided by banks and credit card companies when they send their credit card and loan offers.

Before and since posting the article, I've asked myself questions regarding the propriety of using the postage-paid envelopes, at the expense of the business sending the offer. Since the Bible neither commands or condemns this activity, it is, therefore, an issue of conscience.

Recognizing the fallibility of my conscience, I have sought both the counsel of others and the Scriptures to discern, to the extent I am able, if my conscience is consistent with the will and Word of God, on this issue. Two friends and brothers in Christ (John and Ian) have been particularly helpful.

All this to say, I have changed my mind as to how I will conduct "mail fishing" in the future. Saying that I have changed my mind is not to imply that you, the reader should change yours. Needless to say, I am not your conscience. :-)

From now on, instead of using the postage-paid envelope provided by the business, I will use my own envelope and stamp and address the envelope to the address given on the postage-paid return envelope. In addition to a gospel tract, the envelope will include the postage-paid return envelope (this way they can use it again, if they wish), and the following letter:


To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for your recent offer to provide me with a line of credit. As a matter of stewardship, I try not to accumulate debt; and I limit my credit card use to one card--the balance of which I pay before accruing any interest.

I respectfully request that you remove my address from your mailing list, since I will not avail myself to your credit offers.

Enclosed with this letter is something that speaks about a debt everyone owes, but no one can pay. Please take a minute or two to read it—maybe on you next break.

You are in my prayers.


Now, I'm going fishing! :-)

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