Saturday, November 03, 2007

Annual HOA Street Sale

This morning, our homeowners' association held its annual street sale. We rented two spaces and set up shop--not to sell our treasures (junk), but rather to give gifts to the people in our community. We gave away stuffed animals, soccer balls, and basketballs (all donated by Children's Hunger Fund). We also gave away Bibles, 2-in-1 CDs, Hollywood and God DVDs, Running Beyond Inspiration, How to Live Forever Without Being Religious, and of course, a bunch of our gospel tracts.

We set up our open-air display, which drew people to our location to take the Good Person Test. With the help of my brother-in-law, Ian, we shared the Law and the Gospel with people ranging in age from 9 to 70. Ian did a great job explaining the Law and the Gospel to some youngsters.
One lady saw the Good Person Test display and said, "I'm definitely a good person." I asked her if she was familiar with the Ten Commandments. She said, "Yes, and I keep them, too."

"Have you ever told a lie?" I asked.


"If you tell lies, what does that make you?"

"A liar."

"Have you ever stolen anything?"

"I don't want to take your test!"

She stormed off. I guess the exposure to the mirror of God's Law was a bit more than she could take. It was sad.

Here's one for the "It's a small world" file. A lady came by our space, and I handed her a Billion Dollar Bill gospel tract. She smiled and said. "Oh. I got a million dollar bill in the mail some time ago. Mahria and my girls' jaws dropped and they all fought back giggles.

You see, about a year ago I was laid up with a touch of pneumonia. Suffering from a touch of cabin fever as well, I had to do something to share the gospel with people. So I came up with this idea.

I went through the white pages and found addresses for people in my community. I wrote a letter (click here to read it), which included a Million Dollar Bill gospel tract. I must have mailed out three or four hundred of the letters while I was stuck at home. I always wondered who the people were that mailed the letter. Well, I got to meet one of the recipients, today. :-)
My last "mini" open-air of the day was with two moms and a half dozen kids (ages 7-10). One mom professed faith in Christ. The other mom quietly listened to the conversation. The entire group heard the Law and the Gospel. Take a listen.

We spent four hours bring the gospel to our community, during the street sale. One of the added blessings was seeing Mahria and Michelle (the shy people in our family) engaging people in conversation and handing out gospel tracts. Today was truly a family evangelism outing.

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