Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Million Dollars Laying Around

It is always a blessing to have an opportunity to pass out tracts and one of my favorites is the Million Dollar Bill. My family enjoys passing these out at restaurants and when we entered the local pizza place tonight, I was pleasantly surprised to see one behind the counter.

Imagine, the potential this one tract had. I thought of all of the workers that would possibly pick it up and read it or the customers that would ask about it. When I asked to take a photograph, the young man behind the counter said "would you like to look at it." We don't always know what may happen to tracts once we give them away or place them on a table. This was a great reminder of how powerful and lasting they can be.

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pastorbrianculver said...

Awesome! I work at a very liberal college in central illinois. I walked into one of the rooms and found a tract from Ray Comfort and Living Waters. I have several tracts that I hand out and this was not one of them. That encourages me in that someone else in this college is handing out tracts too. I pray that I can find them and work together with them to reach the lost!